Saint Louis, Missouri

We have been shopping your Highland, Illinois store for over 30 years. In the last month we have shopped your store the shelves have not been completely stocked.

Instead items have been pulled to the front. You have been out of Special K protein bars and cran-grape juice for 1 month. Back in October we looked for an electric blanket and could not find any in the bedding department instead we found only 1 in with the Halloween candy. Who would have thought?

You seem to be hellbent on stocking liquor in every available aisle you can [always well stocked] Sometimes they have even taken space out of the produce aisles. My wife has talked to the manager and evidently he just blew her off because nothing has changed.

We have decided to shop elsewhere since you don't seem to care about customer satisfaction. Why don't you change your sign to read Walmart Super Liquor!

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The reason the liquor is full is probably because it doesnt sell. The items you like may be better sellers and are there off and on when shipments come in.

Customers cause out of stock by buying stuff. WOW imagine that...Blanket in candy department....customer again who just dropped it there. plus some items walmart doesnt have is supplier issues.

if they dont have it either does walmart. walmarts stocks things...people buy them..thats the idea


Shame on Wal-Mart for stocking what is obviously the best selling item in your town - Booze. Maybe you should focus your energy on wondering why your town is full of lushes.

You would think protein bars would be their biggest priority.

Then they could call it Wal-Mart Super Protein! Durr!!!