This is at least the 5th time I have gone to the Walmart in Clovis and they had no available carts for their customers. I went to ask if anyone was retrieving carts and the lady at door says yes, one person is...I said well, shouldn't there be more than one person if all your carts are outside and not inside????It does not make sense when all the carts are outside and not inside..... She says well, if you need one, you can go out and get one your self.........I did I walked out and never returned.......

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if you want a cart so badly,GO OUTSIDE and GET ONE YOURSELF!!What the heck do you want Wal-Mart to do about it??Geesh!!

How many carts did you walk by in the parking lot between your car and the front doors?? Most people don't have to have something happen to them 5 TIMES before they get the hint.

If you're going to push one around the store for hours on end so you have a place to put your magazine, you might as well push one in from the parking lot - but don't you dare take it back out... :cry

if you want the low prices, this is what you expect. expect to do some stuff yourself.

if you want better service, go to another store where you will pay more, because the business has to pay more for labor and better service.

so you are expecting low prices and great service? lol

keep looking...

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #139542

They probably can only afford to pay one person. I am sure with your childish attitude the greeter was glad you did not return.

So are the rest of the workers and shoppers who have to put up with you. I bet you are one of those lazy *** people who leave the cart by your car because you are too lazy to return it.(this is if you are old enough to drive.)

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