Saint Louis, Missouri

I am personaly sick and tired of shopping at walmart. I bought a $500 samsung tv and brougt it home an the remote wasnt working!!!

I called the store up and DEMANDED they come to my house and replace my tv and remote!!! What kind of service is this?! They sell me something and it doesnt work?! I called corporate to complain about it, and they told me I had to come in the store with my receipt and everything!!

This is unbelievable! Never shoping here should be ashamed! To make things worse, I went into the store to speak wit someone in electronics and the asociate I tried to talk to said he was going to lunch! The nerve!

IT'S THERE JOB TO HELP ME!!! Im never going here again

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Grammar and spelling, it's important. Also, yeah aside from Best Buy there are not very many if any retailers who will come out to your home to fix something or replace it.


Remote not working. Hmmm, did you put batteries in the remote?


More evidence that walmart shoppers are idiots.


you want customer service at WALMART for a 500.00 dollar tv. Try Best Buy they will run to your house for a 500.00 dollar TV!! Not even 5000.00 dollar TV's get good service!!


Wow, I cannot believe that you had the nerve to actually demand they go to your house and fix the problem. If they went to everyone's house for faulty house they would not have time to run the store.

Hate people who think the world revolves around them. The only part you should complain about is the employee going on his lunch before helping you. Then again if it was a busy time he had to go sometime, if he had to wait for every customer then he does not get a break. Talk about self entitled.

Also if you had half a brain you would know they do not got to your house for security reasons.

You could claim they robbed you.

They are doing this to protect themselves.


Oh the nerve, they actually get lunch breaks. Where do you work (assuming that you do) so I can come when it is time for your break and demand that you help me.

Also why would they come to your house because something is not working. Just go and get it replaced.