Scituate, Massachusetts
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I just spoke to lady at the popular mechanics number she told me I couldn't get them replaced as did my local Walmart I have 7 ratchets broken and the woman at popular mechanics wants receipt from almost 20 yrs ago . Lol *** they are stamped popular mechanics.

So after speaking to this woman and her saying cant do anything without the receipt I said so they are just junk then ?

She replied no but they wont replace them at Walmart or popular mechanics. I dont recommend buy anything that's popular mechanic anymore if you advertise life time warranty and dont honor it

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Unless you were raised by wolves, you should know that anything involving a warranty requires proof of purchase. I GUARANTEE that the original receipt stated something to that effect. Honestly, the stupidity of some people is really tough to understand.


I know some people who were raised by pigs and dogs, but I don't know of any raised by wolves.

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Who cares if he found them in the trash. Lifetime warranty is just that, lifetime and nobody keeps reciepts around that long.

And what if you want to hand down your tools to your son?

What the warranty is void then? No its not supposed to work like that.


The lifetime warranty is for the person who purchased the product. You'll need the receipt to prove you purchased the tools from them.


That's actually exactly how it works.


It's a lifetime warranty, not a 2 lifetime warranty as you are expecting if you hand them down to your son. And what is the lifetime?

Yours of the tool? I once purchased windows that used a brand of hardware that boasted a lifetime warranty.

At 12 years several of the operators failed. I contacted the hardware manufacturer and was informed that yes their hardware had a lifetime warranty and that they had determined the life of their operators is 10 years and that I would have to purchase new operators as mine were 12 years old and had served their lifetime.


I agree with you. When I used to go Dumpster-Diving for cans and bottles, I used to receive 5 cents for each one that I brought in, regardless of the fact that someone else had purchased them and that I had pulled them out of the trash.

There used to be very fierce competition where I lived at and I would literally have to climb into dumpsters to find cans and bottles. Often, while I would be diving into a apartment complex dumpster, I would get pelted with cans and bottles that someone from one of the higher floors was throwing at me. I would look up to see who was doing it and all I would see is a bunch of opened windows. So for 5 cents a can and bottle, I was getting hit upside the head with cans and bottles.

Very extremely humiliating. But I had the dignity and self respect that came with making my own money. A hard days work would net an amazing $8 sometimes during the hottest part of summer. So I can relate to immigrants that come to America who were used to working all day for just a few dollars.

I say "Welcome to America my Hispanic Brothers and Sisters! Good Luck and may you Discover the American Dream and find a good job and happiness!"

@Welcome To America Hispanic Immigrants

Maybe you can use your expertise to get a job at Wal-Mart. If you are willing to be humiliated and work hard for a few bucks a day, then Wal-Mart may just be your cup of tea!


Most warranties apply to the original purchaser of the product. The reason companies want receipts is to prove you purchased the product.

You may have found the tools in the trash, picked them up at a garage sale or Goodwill. Always save your recipes for products with a warranty until the warranty expires.