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Wal*Mart In Portage WI. at 2950 new pinery Rd.

53901 really needs to be investigated especially from about 9:30 Pm through The night, they screw around on the job talk a lot of profanity and are very snotty to the customers, if it wasn't for the customers at night their would be no need for third shifters they get snotty with you if you need something and they got a stocking cart in the way, they throw stuff over the top of isle's. (I'm shopping at BETTER KMART FROM NOW ON) (This site just rules)

Location: Gary, Indiana

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Employees are very rude I'm never going to Walmart I bought flash cards and lady starred me down and gave me dirty looks while purchasing the cards. Awful service told everyone have a nice day but me I will never go there again because of the employees


I agree I use to work a pm shift. There were times when we handled 8 dpts. But it went both ways. That's when the stealing starts and the kids bombard the store.There is so much to do. But there is never a reason to be rude. Call 1-800- wal-mart and complain . It helps.


This is an ongoing issue with employees I see them talking, texting doing everything but actually working. I've heard them talking about 'partying' smoking pot, drinking etc...all within ear shot of children. This is why walmart is for low class poor people.


You sound like an old *** crybaby


I find "Heather"s comment completely unacceptable. It proves the original poster's point completely.


I happen to work the night shift at a walmart store and I dont know about what goes on at the store you went to but at my store if it was not for the night shift you wouldnt have anything to buy. The dayshift is lazy, they do not stock because they are not allowed to because of customers being in the way.

We stock at night because there are not supposed to be any customers in the store, at least according to walmart corporate. that is why there is only one cashier in the stores after 10. there is no reason for more than that. if any of you people actually had a job you would not be in the stores shopping at ungodly hours of the night, you would be sleeping.

To be honest you are in the way, how the *** do you expect us to stock the shelves when you are bobbling around in front of us and most of you arent even buying anything, most people just go in there for hang out and tear up the store for us to clean up. So get the *** over it, if you want customer service go to the store during the day, i dont get paid enough to kiss your *** and pretend that i or anyone else right down to the mgmt gives a *** what you want or think.

As far as the employees acting inappropriately, you would be very suprised what goes on in the mgmt office. if you think we are bad go behind the doors to the mgmt office and see what the *** goes on back there throw in the *** pay that they give us, all the lies and *** we have to put up with from ignorant customers and mgmt and see if you give a *** what you or anyone else thinks.


right on! church


I agree!! I sometimes do my shopping late at night when all the other stores are closed, so it's nice to have a 24 hour walmart, but a lot of the employees make me want to stay away.

these are mainly the employees who's job description doesn't normally include any kind of customer interaction - the night time stocking crew. they act like the customers are a nuisance that shouldn't be there.

Like the customers are just getting in their way and causing inconvenience for them, when in reality it's the exact opposite. at least that's how this customer sees it, and i think management would agree


Have you contacted a Wal-Mart supervisor? I am sure they would like to know if their employees are behaving inappropriately and lazing on the job.

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