Airdrie, Alberta

I purchased 3 items and paid and exited via the Garden Centre door. On exit I was asked for and presented the receipt. The guard took the receipt and looked at it for almost a minute; it had 3 items. He then initialed the receipt. As I was preparing to leave the parking lot I noticed that others had exited but the guard did not look at their receipts. I had 1 small bag while others left with larger bags and soil.

When I spoke with the Store Manager; in my opinion, he was most unhelpful. He mentioned to me several times that he was not present to see what happened. This is not how a manager/leader is supposed to respond to a customer. If I took that attitude with clients, I would be fired. He made no effort to keep a customer but sought to attribute blame to the customer. Yes, I am now a former Wal-mart customer. They may be the closest to my home, but they are not the only game in town, they are not the cheapest, they do not have the best goods and do not provide the best value.

Incidentally, the guard is South Asian; I am Black but I suspect he may be following store (implied) policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Can't stand someone putting a sticker on a return at the entrance ! Pretty disrespectful to any customer that shops there !


I'm as white as can be and have been stopped many times to see receipt.....drop the race one cares....including the manager evidently


It probably was racial profiling, but no one of the white persuasion will ever admit it. Yes and they will say you're playing the race card because they were never followed around a store or questioned about their purchases.

Walmart has been sued and had to pay because of racial profiling and the practice is hard to stop when you have store managers who will tell you to follow around certain people(speaking from personal experience)because they could steal.

I had a co-worker follow around 3 black teenagers they bought their items and left the store the same day 5-6 white teenagers came into the store and try to take a dvd player and some dvds they left in their cart out of the store.

One of the girls said they didn't know those things were in the cart while the others laughed. The manager told them don't let this happen again, the kids were practially on the floor laughing and all that was said when they left was "I remember doing things like that when I was younger." Different races different consequences.


Did you PAY at the garden door? If he didn't witness the transaction he'll initial the receipt...however they don't have to follow that policy if they witness it at the registers 5 feet from their post.

Buy something in electronics and walk out the main doors, they're supposed to do it there as well. Sorry but you're no more special than the rest of us.


Does nobody see what's going on here?! This person was discriminated against at his/her neighborhood Wal-Mart!

This happens to me all the time! Every time I try and sue for 30 Million everyone laughs at me.

We will have our day buddy.....we will have our day. No more trailer park for us


If the store manager did not see it happen, than how can he discipline the employee, for all he knows you could have had a beef with her and made things up. How would you like it a client complained to your boss because of some misunderstanding and you got in trouble or even lost your job.

You said possible racial profiling, you are not even 100 percent sure it was racial or not. So bsaically you want someone fired because you think but are not sure for using basic filling on you. I am glad that some blacks like Irish have sense and do not cry racism. Also the fact that you looked back to see if other customer were being treated the same way makes me wonder if you were purposely looking for racial profiling.

Just hope one day one of your clients don't complain about you and your boss disciplines you without hearing your side of the story. So basically to keep you as a customer he should have fired her without proof. I am sure he nor the greeter will be missing you.

Sure you will be shopping at their competition, until someone does or says something you don't like. Then you will accuse them of racial profiling.


Don't take it the wrong way or anything but, if you bought something kinda expensive like a camera or a video game. The usually check your receipt.

I'm white and our Wally World door people are white and if I buy like a game or DVD player.

They always check mine. Oh and I dress and act like a normal white person too.


IT is when people cry racism that I am embarassed to be black myself. As a black person myself I have noticed that they stop everyone.

I think you are just being paranoid and playing the race card. Shame on you for making it harder for us when there is real racism.