Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Poulan pro 335 is junk used it for less than 60 seconds (2x 12 linear feet) a little over a month after purchase I tried to return it and they refused to let me return the *** whacker! Furthermore they marked my receipt as returned then kicked me out of the store so now i have a broken $118.80 piece of junk and no receipt for it so now i legally no longer own the item and yet i did not get a refund!!!!

Guess they wonder why target is starting to gain business so well. Well i guess i should not want much better from a company that i hear has little chinese kids make their items.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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I wonder if those people with seizing up problems used the right gas/oil mixture.. I worked in a poulan repair shop an found out most walmart customers who bought poulan had no idea they were supposed to mix gas and oil..

A certified dealer with employees who actually care about sales would take the time to explain... ps I had to void warranty on said items because of owner abuse.


I agree with the original writer. Polan Pro 335 does suck.

Now on my second one and it has seized up too. Now I cant get a person to talk to me at Poulan ......dont buy this machine.


They probably kicked you out of the store because you were being a ***. Next time, learn how to behave yourself in public.

You only used it for 30 seconds and yet you didn't return it for over a month?

Sure. I don't believe that story either.


First of all there is a certain return policy for certain things you should have checked it out before trying to return it, and Target is not better so go target get treated like *** by them to!