Atlanta, Georgia

I am at Wal-Mart on prospect in campaign il. And I have spoken with four employees who don't know what they are doing.

I asked customer service about the pre black Friday price match and I got four different answers. I eventually picked up a flyer at Wal-Mart giving ambiguous details. One person said pre black Friday was only for one day and the flyer said it's from nov 21st-27th. It also says that they will price match all ads but an employee said only on Blackfriday within time parameters.

No one can provide a straight answer.and the excuses is that no one tells them anything! They work here.

Why would I want to spend my money here if I can just go to the stores having the sale and not get the run around. Aweful service!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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As the significant other of a Walmart receiver (a person who unloads the trucks), this is the number one thing I hear about. Staff are legitimately not told anything from higher-ups and most of the associates only hear things through rumors within the store.

Their scanners aren't updated until the sale starts, so even an employee in electronics won't be able to say which tv will price drop.

The only hint at all as far as what MAY go on sale is how much product they are getting in; which can't be relied upon because of Christmas being around the corner.

TL;DR - They ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW, and it's not their fault.


Black Friday? I gave up on this *** because it is the 21st century and it's racist as Jew Money to use the term Black to refer to every thing bad.

@Richard Head

Black Friday is not a racist term. It has nothing to do with race.

It has all to do with accounting. Terms originated from old ledger systems of hand written accounting. Red ink were negative numbers and black ink was for positive. Most retailers ran "in the red" being negative for profit until Thanksgiving.

Then after Thanksgiving it was all profit, meaning they were finally "in the black" as in INK on the ledger.

Ergo, the day after Thanksgiving became known as "Black Friday" since retailers were in the black. Not a racist term, sorry.