I made the mistake of changing my Rx service to Walmart Pharmacy for home delivery. First, their "automatic" refill service wasn't automatic. I had to call them and tell them to refill my Rx (which was good for one year -- three 90-day refills after the original Rx).

Next, I moved to a different city. Went online and entered my new address. The change showed online. When my Rx refill was due, I received an email from Walmart saying there was "an issue" with the order. I replied and asked what the "issue" was. They replied with a canned response that included the request to "describe the issue" I was asking about. You see the problem?

I never got a satisfactory answer about this "issue," but I saw online that my order had shipped. When it hadn't arrived after a week, I checked online again and found it had been shipped to my old address.

I called Walmart and told them I had changed my address online before the order was shipped. They replied that I couldn't change my pharmacy address online; has to be done by phone. Yet they provide a place online to change your address. You see the problem?

Now they will ship a new order and charge me a second time. Meanwhile, USPS will probably (eventually) forward the first order, and I'll have double medication.

Rest assured this is the LAST prescription I ever fill through Walmart's home delivery.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

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We had to change providers last year,we went from cvs,caremark which was great and got stuck with this here wal-mart,it is the worst outfit to deal with.Never had a problem with Caremark,with walmart it enough to make you never want to fill another Rx.


I filled my first walmart rx today...one time shame on ypu two times shame on me. Never again.


I love using the home delivery. Saves time and gas money.

No problems ever. But with computers and people there can always be a problem.

But the benefit far outweighs the problens.


I tried to call wallmart home del.and only heard music I called cigna my old rx del. and they tried to transfer me with no success and told me to call on my own how do we as seniors like it so far it stinks .hope they can fix it some day.