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I've been gettimg my prescriptions at this pharmacy for yhe past year and a half. They always get my 3 months supply for $24, which is cheaper than any other Pharmacy.

Today 7/13/20 try to charged me $200 and something. When I try to explained that I get the generic I use cost that amount and the last time I usrd a coupon. I honestly don't know if any other pharmacist in good faith helped me out before using discounts.

The point here is that you just lost a loyal customer and will make sure none of my friends come back, specially the ones who don't jave insurance and have to pay cash for it. Thank you

User's recommendation: Don't you go to that pharmacy if you don't have insurance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Walmart Pros: Discounts.

Walmart Cons: Mis pricing by 200 dollars.

Location: 2200 Wheatsheaf Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19137

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Dont wanna be all up in your business, but this is all anonymous. Im a pharmacist, if you post drug, strength and quantity i will send you best price i find.


Consider yourself luck to have been able to get the $24 price. Without insurance you are open to the whims of drug manufacturers who can rapidly raise prices.

Yes there are codes for discounts you can find on the internet but the pricing offered with these codes can change from day to day as well. If you don't have insurance you should be checking prices before placing an order rather than getting a surprise when you pick it up.

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