Just sick of being treated like a thief.

Facial recognition cameras and video surveillance at every aisle.

Automotive light bulbs under constant lock.

Can't even walk into the stores with empty water jugs, that I refill. Happens every single time, and it's worse if one entrance is closed after a certain time..

Everyone and I mean everyone stops me and asks where I'm going, or I can't go out that door, even though I'm no where near any door. People don't know me or where I'm going, so leave me the *** alone.

Or I've pre paid for three bags of ice, and associates try to stop me from getting my ice..

And after I've paid for my purchases, they stop me at the door, wanting to look at my receipt and cart, because an item didn't fit into a bag..

It's complete *** .

Bottom line. I expect the same amount of privacy when I do shop, as they get from me, when they shop.

I'm almost 60, if I require assistance, I'll *** ask.. If I don't want your help, then leave me the *** alone. This constant bothering me while I shop is ***

Walmart Pros: Hard to say at this point honestly.

Walmart Cons: Bad customer service.

Location: 1212 S Madison St, Webb City, MO 64870

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I used to live in Joplin and this doesn’t surprise me. I refused to go to Walmart in Joplin, Carthage and especially Webb City. The “crooks” they need to watch work there.


Don't take your grumpy self there anymore...Find somewhere else to plague....Problem solved..For now....You're welcome..




When you're McHomeless, if you decide to stash your backpack or duffle bag somewhere, you are likely to come back and find that someone has rifled through it and taken anything of value from it. Been there/Done that.

I remember when I was McHomeless in Reno, Nevada in January, how I had stashed my purple Spalding duffle bag behind an abandoned casino. There was high snow all around it and it was concealed from the street. There was nothing in it but dirty clothes, but I remember how upset I was when I came back for it and had found that some tramp had gone through the whole thing looking for valuables and had left everything unzipped and clothes scattered around. That's why many of the homeless carry around all of their crap with them all day long.

A large percentage of the homeless population has been in prison for theft, amongst other things, so they cain't be trusted not to rip off other homeless people. It's a shame that the homeless cain't just stash their stuff and not have to worry about someone stealing what little they have.


I agree don’t like being stopped when I know I paid for my stuff I’m disabled and when I have to stand any longer than I have to i am in comfortable I know how far I can walk and for how long and when I have people stopping me checking my stuff I have to be in pain as the check my stuff not fair. Maybe if they put some comfortable chairs to set in as they check but I get irritated when I have to stop cause I’m hurting and they want to check it sucks.


If you don't like their policies shop somewhere else.


No, I'm going to keep shopping there even though they try to make me feel like I am dirt. Why?

Because they have the cheapest prices around. Sadly I am that desperate that every little penny counts and I am willing to put up with their mistreatment and disrespect in order to save a few dollars on my groceries.


It’s not a policy of Walmart. It’s what they choose to do. Walmart needs to stop being ignorant.


Walmart is not customer-friendly and it's best to just not shop there. Unless you wish to be treated like dirt.


Leave it to "The Kitchener" to leave funny words of wisdom every time. Right on the money!

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