dont you hate when you get in the speedy checkout and there is some lady doing the price compare on all 20 items.. well the other day i got pissed when i got behind a lady that did just that.

so i just started talking ***. "goto that store and buy it there you ***" "dumb *** goto that *** store" got most everyone around to turn their head. finally the lady said its 20 items of less, which i replied "its also speedy checkout you dumb ***" thats all she said as i continued to lay into the poor lady. finally she was done and the cashier nina was like what was all that about.

i told her i was sick of getting behind price compare people in the speedy checkout. she totally agreed with me about how *** some of the price compare people are. IF EVERYTHING YOUR BUYING IS PRICE COMPARED AT A DIFFERENT STORE 2 MILES AWAY GO THERE YOU IDIOTS..

i felt like king of the trailer-park walking out of walmart... true story

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Wow, I didn't know your time was so much more valuable than everyone else's. Asswipe.


MsLea probably meant to post as blackdontcrack but she realized that she forgot to change her username. yumad4, I agree that customers like that are ridiculous. I don't think I would flip out on someone for it but it is dumb.


to lazy atm to quote people

hmm am i white trash? well i did use the term king of the trailer-park, i live off of welfare, i have a son that i havent seen for over 10 years, and im only 29. i agree im white trash and better yet a piece of sht.

this whole i bet there was other lines open. *** yea there was but im not going to ask everyone behind me to get out my way because some ahole wants to take 10 minutes to check out. id rather *** at her remember im white trash lol

and yea bruce & jedi if i got behind mrslea in a checkout the trip to walmart would probably end up in county jail.

how did you know i felt important? oh yea my last sentence pretty much stated that


"You sir are white trash. I'm sure there were other lines open, but you had to be in THAT line.

You sir are a part of what is wrong with this country."

Using the same racist term that your "friend" blackdontcrack uses. Another piece of the puzzle.


I agree with BigBruce, the worst thing is getting in line with a customer arguing for hours with a cashier that she should get a discount on a patio set or any other item when the sale was over a long time ago. Or someone trying to write a check for $50 when checks for that amount are not allowed then arguing with the cashier for hours to allow it.


MrsLea01 can dish it but she sure can't take it.


You sir are white trash. I'm sure there were other lines open, but you had to be in THAT line. You sir are a part of what is wrong with this country.


Makes you feel important huh youA@#%$SSHOLE!!!!!


"i was sick of getting behind price compare people in the speedy checkout".....So every time you go to Wal-Mart, you get stuck behind the person doing a price match? I can think of worst things, such as price checks, or a customer arguing they should get a patio set for the sale price that expired last week.

i live in greensburg pa, wanna hookup? i like to be called names in bed more then over the internet :grin

Okay, but your still an a s s.


oh and btw i agree im an a.ss but it felt good to let loose on this chick as it happens alot. a small victory for I that spoke out about what I didnt like regaurdless if it really changed anything.

unlike the 30 people that heard it and didnt say a thing. i bet alot of them thought i was an a.ss. out of the about 30 people i bet one wished they had the balls to do the same thing.

but lets play problem solver, ive read on other complaints about the cashier didnt know about the compare policy. if walmart would make certain checkouts that deal with this compare *** (not solely compare but if you want to compare prices you need to be in this sort of line) and have acouple employees trained abit more in the price compare policy.

think its a win for everyone. but lets be real walmart doesnt read this sht

im willing to pay the price they tag the item, not going to nickel and dime walmart


aww you must be one of them *** that does the same thing katie lol. i def dont think im god what gave you that idea?

how trashy are you that when someone says they felt like king of the trailer-park and you think they are god? wow lol. the *** should have respect for the people using the speedy checkout for the fact that its to be quick. why would i be nice to some *** that showed no respect for anyone else taking 10 minutes to go threw the speedy checkout.

if you was that cashier you would *** down, alot of people heard me not 1 person said ***.

just a little side note the cashier was the one that went on about the price compare thing. ***!


If I was the cashier, I would have closed the line on your a s s. Then you would have to have gone elsewhere. Quite being a bully.


There was no need to be an a s s. That woman had every right to be in that line just as much as you did.

Let me guess, there were other express lines open, but you had to be in that line. The only reason that cashier agreed with you was to get you out of there.

Who do you think you are g o d. If I was that woman, I would have dished it right back at you.



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