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You have jumped your prices on Fancy Feast wet can food 7 cents a can and Friskies 6 cents a can. I feed about 15 outside cats and 6 inside cats.

I buy about 70 cans a week. It was high enough as the cans are so small and then you raise them higher. I'll just shop at Chewy and get it delivered free. And don't ever call me a PISSED customer again.

You people could care less about your customers. Think you have a monopoly just like a lot of merchants a long time ago.


Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Want to read about another nut-job customer throwing a fit over 6 cents? Go to Walgreens Pissed Consumer Complaints and read the review titled "Here's The Reason Why I don't Have A Walgreens Card"


ya the purina 50 food I bought went up 2.00 a bag. I pissed too.


Firstly you are visiting and posting on a site called!! You came here!!

Secondly, just switch to the large cans of Walmart brand cat food. We run a cat rescue and we also have to feed a lot of ferals. Our vet told us to switch because the smaller sized cans tend to have more ash in them. That can cause health issues.

It’s not a monopoly because you can go and purchase from a different store. You are confusing price and availability with a monopoly. Walmart doesn’t have a monopoly. A REAL monopoly gives you zero choices and you can ONLY purchase a product or service from a single entity.

Think mining boom towns of the old west. One general store and no other options for a long distance. So you had literally no choice. That is a true monopoly.

Having to pay a increase in price is called INFLATION! Now that you understand what a monopoly is how can you claim they have one?

Tractor supply carries a $20 bag of dry cat food with 30% protein. That should help your budget as Walmart brand cat food can cause bladder issues from too many minerals.


My Daddy used to buy huge bags of dry Cost Cutter brand dogs food for our cats and big cans of wet Cost Cutter dry cat food. We would put a can of the wet stuff down on a paper plate, spread in across the plate and then cover it with the dry Cost Cutter cat food and press it all in to the wet food.

The cats loved it. My daddy bought expensive cans of "Distinctive Dinners" dog food for his Chihuahua, and they looked just like a delicious bowl of beef stew.

@Cost Cutter Cat Food For Cats Distinctive Dinners for Dog

i used to love it in the winter time when a bunch of our cats or kittens would climb op on top of me in bed and keep me warm. Once, we had three mama cats that had babies all at the same time.

One had 5, one had 4 and the other had 3, for a total of 12 kittens. Several times all of the kittens would be in the same area, and one mother cat would show up and have all 12 kittens trying to nurse on her. Often, you would see the 3 mama cats all nursing babies in the same area and there would kittens nursing off the wrong mother. One of the mama cats was a real pretty white cat who would regularly have kittens with one blue eye and one green eye and with a black horseshoe shape on top of their head.

We also had Tortoiseshell mama cats and we would always hope that one of them would have a boy Tortoiseshell cat because they are extremely rare and we could have sold it for millions of dollars. The chances of one of our cats having a boy Tortoiseshell cat were much better than my mama winning the Publishers Clearing House Contest.


How do they have a monopoly? Seem like you are able to go to Chewy and buy the products you want at a lower price.

If they had a monopoly they would be the only price you could buy cat food. You may find it was the manufacturer that increased the price on their product and Walmart just passed it along. Others may increase their price as they re-order or they could decide that they will absorb the cost of the price increase at the cost of their profits.

In either case feel free to purchase the products you need form the source that can give you the best price. If you are feeding 15 cats and it's hard on your budget have you considered using a more affordable dry cat food?