Fort Myers, Florida

Bought 4 sets of Christmas lights at Walmart for 9.98 each. Saw a ad for Target for same lights for 8.00.

Took light sets back to Walmart for their "price match policy for Christmas" What a joke. They informed me they couldnt come down any of their price...Tell me , is it legal to advertise this when they dont honor it? Target is now my store. Walmart can take their false advertising and keep it.

I will now shop at any other store but this one.

Prices are definitely cheaper at Target. I advise people not to shop at Walmart.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Price matching has to be done at the time of purchase. ALWAYS.

You went back, how many hours, days, weeks later I cannot tell you. For all I know it was a year later. The fact is all items will eventually go on sale somewhere. Price matching isn't an open ended guarantee that you will be able to get the cheapest price as long as you own the product.

Price Matching, at the time of purchase, always.


u mad bro?


Yeah any time a store ad price matches the items must be the exact same thing, they can't be different brands or qualities. You also have to have the ad with you, they can't take you on word of mouth. I run into that a lot in retail.


It price match an idem they MUST BE EXACTLY THE SAME. Also they do state in small print that they WILL NOT ADMATCH BLACK FRIDAY AND CHRISTMAS EVE PRICES.

Its not false advertising any store that admatches has the same polocy. its not thier falt that you didn't read the fine print.


I have a hard time believing Target and Walmart sold the exact same Christmas lights. I find this story to be bogus.