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Over the past couple of months, the Walmart I shop at has changed their policy for matching to something different every time I go there. I tried following the cashier's advice, printing off the internet policy and still can't get a straight ruling because Walmart cashiers and customer service alike do not AGREE among themselves!!!

How is the customer to know when they don't!! I tried matching with a printout of the ad of an item when I was promptly advised, "No, you can't do that." No printouts allowed, have to have original ads. Ok, if I have to have an original ad then I will buy it at the original store. Customer service came over and looked it up on her smart phone (I can't do that but they can as it's not allowed).

Took 12 minutes to find one item.

I left without my groceries as I was fed up to my eyeballs. I wasn't about to wait for her to look up the rest that I had.

Reason of review: No one knows the rules and they change every time..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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They were right original adds are required if you are to show the add but are not required to provide the Add at anytime. They have the right under the policy to verify on there phones if it is an online add match and is actually the policy they have to follow.

If it is a regular newspaper add we have scanners that will tells us everything that is advertised by our competitors as a sale or they can have newspaper adds to verify as well. Furthermore they are not to check unless it is over 3 dollars I allow my people 5 dollars so we can get the line moving but all my people know this. Keep in mind that regular advertised store level sales online should match the newspaper add. Online or Walmart.com price matching at store level is available but for instance many competitors will advertise in store specials online.

We do not honor instore specials. Online add matching is subject to one item per customer.


Associates are allowed to look up items on their smart phones as it is sometimes necessary to help customers. Only original ads are accepted, no photocopies or printouts.

You are angry because you don't understand why they can look it up on their phones but you can't? Has it ever occurred to you that people can pretty well put anything they want to on a computer these days, including fake ads and coupons? Associates are permitted to verify all ads whether printed or online. Taking a customers word just isn't feasible anymore.

For a time it was stated that the ad was not needed until customers started taking advantage of that and were just basically throwing random prices at the cashier. A few cents here and there turned

into $1.00 and up differences on every item! Now the register prompts the cashiers to verify ad.

Customers did this to themselves. It's called GREED!