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As older patrons...we refuse to give in to the invasion of privacy on our phones...Walmart has replaced the price match slogan in place of an app...whatever that may be....so they can track our purchases...We refuse to give in to this type of shenanigans and are now shopping elsewhere. We will not order online to "pick up".

We want to "feel the merchandise". WE do not want anyone picking our fruits and veggies..at random..we want to pick the ones that we like...How do you order a pair of shoes online without trying them on for the perfect fit? How do you compare brand names for BBQ sauce, Ketchup or other condiments...this will not do and we will refuse to give in to this practice. Besides, online shopping does not take COUPONS!

Regarding the price-match, why can't you train your employees better to actually look at the ads and date rather than making us go through more "work" to download app then wait to see if another price is available..so I've heard from our friends who actually think this it's a bother...too much wasted time spent on this area..and people will not do it!!! We refuse to do it...this is against our 4th amendment right and we will not give up our privacy for the sake of shopping and being "bombarded" with unnecessary "stuff/Ads" on our phones.

We have a computer at home...we do not need a computer on our phones..where people do not talk to anyone anymore cause they are too busy looking at their *** phones to pay attention to what is REALLY going on around them.. Walmart...you have lost our business on this one...We are now boycotting your stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Walmarts new direction.

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You young whipper snappers with your steam engines and antibiotics and child labor laws!!!Dude you make it sound like someone is holding you down and making you order stuff on the internet. You do know you're still ALLOWED to go to the store, right? Internet shopping is a convenience that is an OPTION that many people who didn't survive the Civil War find convenient.Those crazy automobiles will never catch on I tell ya!


What fourth amendment right to privacy? Walmart is a private company, not a government owned entity.

You're still free to come into the store and select your fruit and shoes rather than ordering online. Many stores are pushing people to use their app and even though I'm not an old timer, I never use apps since I don't want my smart phone cluttered with apps that I rarely use.


If I were Walmart my sollution would be to count you as a former customer.... they don't need you.


Monetary loss of $50,000? You lost nothing, honey.

You don't like the way a store is going so you're going elsewhere, and that's your right.

But don't claim that you lost a single cent. That's just lying.


wow....I too am an "older patron", I have a laptop, 2 tablets, and a smartphone. If you don't want to use the app, then don't.

If you don't want to order online, then don't. If you don't want people picking out your fruits & veggies, then don't.

Pretty simple. Why all the hubbub, bub.


Monetary Loss of $50,000?????

Please do not be dramatic.

It is very difficult to take anyone seriously who is this dramatic.

Since you are this upset, complain to their Corporate office.

That information is found on their website, and since you have a computer at home, you can find this information easily.


Like they care if you comp!aIn