Atwater, California

What is up with price matching some walmarts are great with price matching while others are efin sometimes ***... hellor im at walmart because you guys say on tv we will price match even if youve forgotten your add. That is a big fat # 1 LIARS!!!!!

Alot of my friends always talk about how much they love target ive been getting to get to the point of you know what screw walmart ill b going to target.

And talk about rudeness please better have a strong skin not been racist but asian people owen walmart they need some deep customer service issues.

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its not price match, its ad match ***


Some people go into Walmart without an ad and just start giving the cashier prices. half the time they don't even remember the name of the store they are price matching from!

Cashiers do review ads before the sale week starts so they are aware of products people want to match. Its always good to bring the ad with you however, some people make up cheaper prices just because Walmart doesn't always require an ad.

Customers call Walmart associates rude, ***, incompetent etc...simply because they are not falling for the scams people try to run on them and don't give them everything they want. If it doesn't match then move on!


At my WalMart some cashiers want to see the ads and some don't. It kind of depends on the product and the amount of the price difference.

When it comes to price matching, The items have to be the exact same product, same weight, etc. I have only ever had one problem with price match and that is because I misread the ad, when the cashier showed me the ad, I understood right away what had happened.

While you are such a know it all, maybe you should think about improving your capitlaization, punctuation, grammar, etc.