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i was in line and put all the items down on the counter, te lad said is this all for price matching I said yes, she started off by wanting to see the ads there were over 25 items for pricematching always have the ads and I told her where the item was on sale,she stopped and wanting to see the ads for each of the items,their was a long line behind me, I realize walmart will do price matching but I have never run into this situation,she was getting me upset,and the lady behind me, I apologized but she was mad about the wait. why cant walmart believe the customer, I could see a few item, but all of them,i also had gum surgery and trying to talk wasn't easy. when I couldn't find the ad she would take it off and I wouldn't be ablele to purchase the item,some of the things she took back I needed.

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Davenport, Iowa, United States #793150

I stopped shopping at Wal-mart a couple of years ago when an employee told me he could not help me find a product I was looking for. I glady shop at Target and Kroger's now.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #789099

Seriously? You just want them to take your word for it?

Obviously you don't own a business and don't work in customer service. By the way, nice job not giving a *** about the people who have to wait behind you while someone checks 25 prices against competitors flyers so you can save a few pennies.


Why are you buying FOOD at walmart they sell outdated meats, daily. they sell rotten fruit, salad.

Markham, Ontario, Canada #788008

Yeah if they believed every customer anyone can make silly lies like Target is selling PS4's for $10 so you have to match that.


Another thing, no matter what the situation, it takes a lot of time to price match 25 items. That is getting carried away with the price matching.

You didn't have any reason to get upset, you should have followed the rules. Some of the cashiers do believe the customer, but not all of them. I bet you would also have been able to do the price matching without ads, if you had only had a half dozen items that had to be price matched. Another thing I have discovered is depends on the price difference whether or not they want to see an ad.

If you really needed the items, you would have purchased them without the price matching.

If you were so bad off from having gum surgery, maybe you should have delayed your shopping or had somebody else do it for you. Another thing to help you find the items in the ad faster, I separate the ads into pages that have the certain items on and circle the items.


Are you kidding me? Of course she wants to see ads, otherwise you could just be making up prices.

If I were behind you I'd be pissed. If you had surgery you should have brought ads so you didn't have to speak, common sense!!!!

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