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I am a frequent shopper at your various stores; however during my last couple of visits when it comes to comparison shopping it has become very aggravating and almost downright unacceptable. I don’t understand how companies such as yours advertise on the radio and TV that you PRICE MATCH; but when you get to your stores there is such much static behind it. There are too many different rules varying from store to store that it is pathetic and it needs to be stopped (see examples below) …

1. Some stores won’t accept the FLIPP AP

a. Why not; ALL the papers are on the phone and in your face

2. Some stores won’t accept *Tom Thumb/*Kroger/Aldi/Winco

a. *With card pricing

3. Some stores won’t accept (Hispanic Papers)

a. Discrimination at its finest Ex: (El Grande, Terry’s, Fiesta, Rio Grande, & L Michoacana)

4. Some stores tell you the store has to be within a 20 mile radius

a. Dallas, Texas has many suburbs ALL ARE WITHIN MILES!

However what did it for me was I was shopping at Store# 05147 with Operator 007234 on 10/18/16 and was attempting to buy Cottenelle Products Tom Thumb had on sale 2@ $10 she told me they could not accept the paper and I asked why not so she proceeds to get CSM Christina & Juanita and they say I could not utilize the paper because it had (with card pricing) now I’m pissed because Tom Thumb is a major Grocery Store Chain so I asked to speak to a Manager of course there’s not one on duty (very sad) so another CMS comes named Anna & looks at the paper and said ok we’ll do it this time but not in the future because it states w/card pricing and then proceeds to say can I ask you ‘why don’t you just go to that store and buy it’ at this point I’m livid!!! So, now your employees are telling me where to go, shop, and spend my $$. To me it sounds like she’s deterring me from shopping at WALMART is this something in your training manual?????

This used to be a dream for me; I’d rather shop at one store and get the prices adjusted to the sale papers rather than hopping out at all the different stores, but since your store employee asked, it may be feasible to take my $ to the actual stores. I really don’t know why I continue to shop at Wal-Mart anyway when there are 20 lanes but only 3 are open which is pathetic; so I think I may launch a Facebook page DISSATISIFIED WITH WALMART and ask the people to start with complaints and compile them and go onto Twitter and other social media and see what kind of feedback I can get.

I DO EXPECT A REPLY! PHONE: (214)402.1475 ADDRESS: 7112 Cloverglen Dr Dallas, TX 75249 EMAIL: chatshome@yahoo.com

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Lady, you need to get that stick out of your ***. Walmart's price-matching policies are pretty standard for retail.

In fact, let's break down the policies for a second here:

1) As someone else in the comments mentioned, it's too easy to fake website or app prices. Besides, stores that price match usually want a physical copy of the price they're matching (read: a flyer) to put with the paperwork and get reimbursement from corporate.

I work in retail myself, and we need the full page from the flyer we're price-matching for that very reason. And I mean full page with date, not just section with price (that way people don't try to bring in parts of expired flyers).

2) Card-pricing MEANS you need the card to get the price! Otherwise you have to pay the full price for the item.

Walmart shouldn't have to price-match card prices, since those prices are only for store members. My store certainly doesn't and this is the first time I've heard of any store actually doing so. Though I suspect they only agreed to do so in order to shut you up so they could get back to serving other customers.

3) In regards to accepting Hispanic Papers. I assume you mean flyers in Spanish.

In which case, I don't see a problem with this. I'm Canadian and our store wouldn't accept a flyer in French despite it being one of our two official languages because we're in an English part of the country. If they can't read it (which is what I'm assuming the problem is) then why should they accept it?

4) Location. Again, makes perfect sense.

If they didn't stick to price-matching within a certain radius, nothing is stopping someone from shopping there and trying to use a flyer from Maine to get a price match. This is also a pretty standard policy for retail, and one in place at my store. The idea of price-matching is getting people to come to your store instead of nearby rival store; if rival store is nowhere nearby, why bother price match? After all, it's not like the customer is going to go to a store 35 miles away just for a box of kleenex.

And finally, posting your personal information in your complaint was very ***. You're gonna get trolled for sure.


Other posters on here offer a similar rant for less words-I would like to word-check and get the difference in time it takes to read credited back to me :)


Lol you gotta be trolling. You do understand that Walmart does not have that type of card, correct?

What you are saying sounds like a membership card for THAT STORE. Not for Walmart.

When you grow up and learn how to read, maybe your shopping experience will be a lot better. If you want that price, go to that store.


You just posted your phone number, address and email address on a public forum. I have a feeling you're going to get A LOT of replies. Just not from Wal-Mart.


Lol so do I!!


Many, MANY places will not accept websites nor apps as "proof" of other stores' prices. Too easy to fake.

As for inconsistency -- The cashiers and managers are allowed to use their own discretion on what to accept or not to accept, according to WM's price matching guidelines. Check at the Customer Service desk for more details, but their overall policy can be found here:


re: FB groups: Well, that'll be anti-WM group number 9,258,367, then...

As for having WM contact you -- Maybe you should try actually posting this somewhere that is in any way related to WM. This is just a BBB/Yelp style site with zero power whatsoever.

***, I'll even give you their corporate contact page for this issue. Took me all of 30 seconds to find on their website:



Please understand that this is not Walmart and it's highly unlikely that anyone from Walmart sees this.


Why must customers price check?

Why can't customers just go where the best prices are instead of price matching?

That makes more sense to me.


Agreed. She just wants everything to be at one place so she doesn't have to.

If she doesn't wanna go back to WM because of this, well...I hate to break it to her, but nobody will care, nor even notice. The oft-used "I'm never shopping here again!" lie hasn't been an effective threat for at least fifty years.