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some items I buy every week and know the prices. today i went to put some 2litters of DR pepper and it said price slash 1.25 reg 1.46 however for the last year the reg price was 1.25, some time they are as sale for 1.00. I removed the card and under it they had the reg price marked as 1.25.

i now can not believe any thing that you mark as a price cut! and i am going to rethink shopping at walmart

i don't like being mislead by dishonest people.

this is the walmart in Land O Lakes FL

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You may not like it, but the price of products can change, especially in the current economy- many things are more expensive then they were a year ago. As for the card underneath- they most likely put the new price card over the old one without bothering to remove the older one.

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