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Walmart recently had ALOT of display tvs for sale. They claimed to have been 30% off.

Yea right. My example was a Sanyo, yellow inventory sticker said $478. So they tried telling me it would be 335. I get the model number and there is a brand new one, in the box, for $378, everyday low price.

Needless to say they sold alot of the displays with the yellow inventory price, which they price lower than suggested retail price of what they actually sell them at. I bought the tv at 335. Then went to customer service and asked for the manager. I then showed him they were ripping off there customers.

Raise the price $100, THEN take 30% off, then showed him the tv new in the box. I got my differnce back PLUS the 5% bounty.

In the end I paid $280 for a 42 inch plus got the bounty of $75 so the tv was $205. I fell for all the people that didn't pay attention and thought they were getting a better price

Monetary Loss: $74.

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New York, New York, United States #642697

"IHateStupidCustomers" let me explain the situation better your head is so far up LadyScot's intestines when you pull it out all you can do is spew excrement. It appears you have so much more time than anyone else beside LadyScot since you have as many ignorant comments as she does. It is comical that you both are so bored with your own lonely lives that you both troll this website to attack and bash legitimate complaints.

to ***ed ***sumer #642741

You post the greatest stuff!!!!You remind me of one of Aaron Neville's old songs, "Tell It Like It Is".

Keep on telling, preacher.

It's great to see someone with the guts to do so.

ihatestupidcustomers, shutthefuckup, you lowlife.


oh well. if someone is too dumb to know TV prices then they obviously shouldn't be shopping for themselves. and LadyScotSucks, shutthefuckup, you lowlife.


TYPE IN LADYSCOT IN THE SEARCH AND YOU FIND A PYSCHO'S RANT ABOUT WALMART CUSTOMERS. FOR A LAUGH CHECK OUT THIS FROM YOUTUBE " Angry Walmart Prank - Ownage Pranks " This ignorant walmart employee has no idea she is being recorded. There are several other videos of walmart employees proving they are rude imbeciles.

Naples, Florida, United States #640538

You have no idea how MSRP's or profit and loss works do you? New product can come in at a lower price than something previously offered for sale.

Just because the manufacturer lists the new item lower than they did the older model, in no way makes the older one a rip off at a higher price. The retailer's loss on the older model is higher than the newer one because they paid the manufacturer more at that time than the manufacturer charged this time. Also, the newer item may not have the same specs or do the same bells and whistle blowing as the newer item.

I remember when VCR's came out. They were selling for hundreds of dollars.

Each time a newer model comes out, the cost on the older model makes the store's loss that much more. If they paid the manufacturer $200 for model A, and it does not sell, and model B comes out and the manufacturer only charges them $150, they simply can not price the older model much lower than their sell price for the newer item.

The loss has to be claimed during a 'loss' time for their quarter. They can not just randomly start giving things away because a newer model comes out.

to LadyScot #640695

Now Im not sure how all that works, however I did compare the 2 models and they were exactly the same, specs and hookups. Thats why I thought it was wrong.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #640124

I hope you are as lucky as you think. I would never buy a display model TV, or anything electric that was a display model.

That TV was running 24/7 for who knows how long. I'm a weekly WalMart shopper, and I hit the whole store, and have never seen display models for sale.

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