While shopping at the local Walmart in Anderson,In, I asked if the "match ad" price allpied to everything. On my next visit I tred to purchase an 18 pack of Bud Light.

The register screen read, "cannot match ad Bud Light." The cashier called for a CSM to help and also the store manager. I was told that the match ad does not apply to alcohol. My complaint is that it is not written on ANY of the match ad signs that the offer does not apply to alcohol. To me that is false advertising.

If it was written, then I could understand the store's policy, but for it not to be written ANYWHERE, is not right. I think your signs need to include that information. The store manager was a bit rude with me, saying it was a state law that beer could not be reduced in price, like I should have known that. I then asked, how do other stores manage to sell it at special sale prices.

I didn't understand his explanation. I shop at Walmart for the majority of our groceries and other products, but my experiences lately have made me want to change my mind.

I have also had rude cashiers, that won't speak or start on the next customer before I was finished loading my cart with my grocery bags. I work too hard for my money to be treated rudely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Longview, Washington, United States #1240878

Stop *** n go to that store that has it


I currently live in Phoenix AZ & have been able to price match beer with no problem. However I tried the "Savings catcher" & customer service emailed me back stating they did NOT price match beer.


I agree the policy should be posted. But, if all the policy's were posted, it would most likely be a 20 volume set of thick books. I didn't say encyclopedias because I don't know if your old enough to know what these "book learn'in" things were!

Also, the cashiers that are rude to you and move on to other customers before finished with you, is probably due to them wanted to get away from you as soon as possible!

to Mike_mn #1060350

I agree, and I don't think this person is even old enough to drink if they mistake not getting their way as rude behavior.

to thissitesucks2015 #1083287

I can hear rude tones in the employees voices all the time. Especially when they say "No" with attitude. Also don't assume, you only make an *** of yourself.

to Anonymous #1083293

Most of the time this is the case, anyone with half a brain would know this. People often mistake being told no as showing attitude.

I don't consider serving the next customer rude. Why should the next customer have to wait for this person to finish taking their stuff.


I doubt you would be able to purchase the beer anyway because you are under 21. If you mistake being told "no" as rude chances are you have not started middle school. Possibly your age is still in single digits.

to thissitesucks2015 #1083288

Single digits and trying to buy alcohol...that's your logic? You're a ***.

to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #1110397

Hey, they are just stating the age the OP is acting. If the OP does not want people to think they are under 10 than they should probably act their age.

to Anonymous #1110402

If they are going to act like they are under the age of ten then the people will think they are under the age of ten. Then again you are acting the same age. Are you upset because you and your friends planned on drinking and are underage.


I personally agree,, it should be advised,,,''can't ad match on alcohol,''

I've bought beer and ad matched at various locations with no problems :to bad it varies by locations ,; I live in Phoenix,,,,, AD MATCHING IS AD MATCHING, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED


we too have experienced Wal Mart will NOT ad match alcohol nor any of the $1.00 stores. They have lost a customer here plus a lot more.

I hear it all the time. RIP OFF is what they are!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1060198

I find it funny that someone is old enough to drink yet they cannot post a simple sentence starting with a capital letter and ending with a period. This basic rule of grammar is taught in elementary school.

to thissitesucks2015 #1083286

That's not the point of the argument!

to Anonymous #1083294

The point is beer is killing their brain cells. That is why they cannot write proper sentences. Following the same person from post to post, must have a crush on them.


Unlike every other comment reply, I totally agree with the original poster! It's really simple for a company as large scale as Wal-Mart to add "*does not include alcohol sales" in their adds!

They mention everything else that's not included in different promotional sales, why is add matching any different.

I'm over the legal age and I've had cashiers be completely rude and insinuate that I'm using false identification even! Sorry I don't look 45, but a 20-something IS still over 21!

I understand they work hard for their paychecks as well, but henhouse in a job that requires customer interaction, don't be RUDE AF to the customer!!

to Anonymous #1060197

i doubt you are old enough to drink. If you were you would not mistake being asked to show your ID as rude behavior.

to thissitesucks2015 #1083289

You love to make an *** of yourself.

to Anonymous #1083298

that would be you, what do you have a crush on the poster or what, they make a good point. If they are legal drinking age they should have no issue showing their id.


You're a total ***! They work hard for their money, as of you! I bet you went home, just to suck up those beers, you alchoholic!

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