Greenville, South Carolina
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Repeatedly I have noticed that produce at WalMart is put on sale when it is just about rotten. Grapes, for example, look nice when they go on sale, but in two days they are soft and inedible.

Peaches look nice but are rotten inside, are mushy and/or stringy. The only time you might find a good bargain is if they receive a double shipment of something or have ordered too much, such as bananas. This has to hurt WalMart.

This is one of our favorite stores, but we're through shopping for produce there. Suggest you look closely and ask question if you see a bargain in produce at WalMart

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Walmart is not a supermarket. If you want fresh produce then go to a super market. Further more if this petty complaint is all you have to complain about then that says all I need to know about you.