Romney, West Virginia
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Yesterday evening my fiance and I went to our local Walmart in Keyser, WV with intent to purchase a new flat screen tv and tv stand. We had 2000.00 to spend and was in anticipation to get our new tv.

We looked at all the displays of both the tvs and tv stands. When we had found exactly what we wanted we had to search the store to find an employee that would help us with the large boxes. After waiting 20 minutes for the attendant to return he told us that the tv on display was not in stock and couldn't tell us if it was a continuing model and stated that they couldn't order one in. We decided to go ahead and purchace the tv stand while we were there.

On the display it was priced for 129.00 along with a picture of the stand we had picked out. Where the unassembled kit was located it was also marked

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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RE: Deanna

WOW you still crying about that pool. Even invading other peoples posts. Get over it !


I went to the walmart close to my home to look for a rectangle pool they had one in stock for $699.00 we came back with our truck 2 days later to purchase it but it was gone. When I ask the sale guy when will he be getting another one he said we weren't suppose to get that pool it was delivered to us by mistake and we won't be getting any more.

So I went on line an they have the same pool but it was 200 dollar more and even more to ship to to you. I called customer service and online customer service but both sales people said there was nothing that they could do. If I want it I have to spend 390.

more just because I did not buy it that day. I really think someone should honor their customers.