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Just got back from a grocery run. It has become the norm these days to have a handful of items scanned at a higher than listed price. No one should be surprised by that; these guys are notoriously bad for that!!! What got me today though, was the new "scammer" strategy these guys are using. That is, listing items with "rollback" pricing thats exactly the same as the price was the last dozen times or so. Almost of if using psychological warfare on the unsuspecting consumer, making them thin they're getting a good deal!


This coming to you from Albuquerque, Walmart near Cottonwood mall!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Can we try just being honest?.

Walmart Cons: Price scamming.

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Yep, you are one smart cookie. You figured it all out.

Everything that isn't priced to your liking is one big scam. Learn to read labels and you might save yourself from all of your self-induced aggravation.


Hey genius. It is called deceptive marketing.

When products are listed as "rollbacks" they are a sale price. No different than any other store and must honor that price. Walmart does this all the time! List a so called rollback and at the checkout it is normal price or more.

That is not misinterpreting labels or grabbing the wrong product, it is deception! Dumb cookie!