Princeton, New Jersey

How many times does a customer have to call in order to make Walmart process a refund? Ten days and 11 phone calls later, the Princeton Walmart has still not refunded my $106.87 return.

I bought a Sony shelf system that did not work properly. After setting it up, and trying various configurations with the antennae, I finally gave up. The instructions do include, on the last page, a suggestion that one purchase an additional antennae for another $100. No thank you.

I returned the shelf system, and the person was a trainee. That is fine as we all need to learn. However, he made several mistakes on the first attempt so we ran the refund through a second time and I was assured it was processed and a refund forthcoming.

I now must file a claim with my credit card company, and this is even more wasted time. Walmart is impossible and customar service non-existent.

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Are you retarded? On what planet do you think you get your money back and get to keep the product you claim is defective?

How do you think the product is going to get back to the store? Its bad enough you probably irreparably damaged what was in all likelihood a perfectly unit and WM will have to take yet another loss, but you think they are supposed to cater to you? OMFG!!! Get over yourself!!!

Box the thing up and at least TRY to not be a thief, will ya???


Dear Also, that's brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?

From now on, I'm going to DEMAND refunds on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I buy, without returning the merchandise! My GOD, man ... I think you're on to something.

Even food.

Screw Walmart - I'm not going to let them bully me around anymore either.

Thanks for the sound, smart, fair, and reasonable advice.