Phoenix, Arizona
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I will try to condense this sitation to as little as possible; even though it is quite big of a deal. I had a large number of photos developed at the Wal Mart Photo Centre and after getting the run around and finally getting them printed and receiving them (a process that should have taken a few hours turned into 4 days!), I received an odd text message on my phone of a personal nature from an unknown number.

Turns it it was one of the associates who works at the photo centre "wanting to get to know me better". I was so stunned and disturbed, I reported the incident to Wal Mart, but not much was done with it. Just a heads up to everyone out there!!

Be careful what you use for your information, because it really is not private and secure - even at a reputable corporation such as Wal Mart!

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NOTE: This was at a store in BRAMPTON,ONTARIO, CANADA.. I don't know why it is coming up as Arizona...


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