Brooklyn, New York

I purchased online few items from Walmart, a few skirts didn't fit right. When I stopped by Walmart store I found out these skirts were from Tasharina co, and Walmart doesn't take it back.

They provided me with a phone number (559)426-5562. I have called a few times, it's answering system with message says: leave your name, order number (6031514-054975), we will call you ASAP. Nobody contacted me.

In Walmart I was told: Tasharina will arrange to pick up unwanted items and refund. Now I don't trust both Tasharina and Walmart.

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I am having the same problem. I never received the item I purchased.

It was returned to them because they did not put correct address on the package.

I will never purchase from again if they can't stand behind the order placed on their website. Amazon is much better!!!!


I am going through the same thing! Walmart should stand good for the order as I bought through Walmart!!


I need someone to call me ASAP i need my Items i received one that a 250 ml and another 100ml that was not one of the items that I purchased please call me at 2023274102 , Items 2841641591025 , and i looking for the other two 250ml that i had order have not received and one of the cyinder was broken i need a refund and looking for my reciepts


With a name like that, I wouldn't just not trust her, I wouldn't have hired her in the first place.