Butler, Pennsylvania

Today my son was hurt on a pallet at wal mart. Someone did not take the metal strap off the pallet instead they cut it off leaving a big metal piece sticking up.

My son fell on it and he now has a huge cut on his leg. I hope they learn to always take those off from now on. It happened at 1:30-2:00 pm today and it is now 11:00 pm and I still can't get the bleeding to stop he may have to have stitches. I was just worried about getting him cleaned up and make sure there were no germs in it.

I knew he would be ok cause he has had a tetanus shot in the last year or so after a car accident.

Oh by the way he is only 5 yrs old. God help the people who work there and God help more the people who shop there with kids.

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@Hogwarts Student Zachary: No, child endangerment is putting a child in a dangerous situation, typically by not properly supervising the child. Child abuse is when actual abuse (typically physical although that is not always the case) occurs.

A fair majority of the time both charges tend to be used together, should an injury of some sort occur, because in order for the child to be abused they first had to be endangered.

On topic: In regards to this post, I sincerely doubt the validity of this story.

Not only has the poster changed their story of what happened several times, they keep adding in new things to make themselves look even worse, thereby riling up everyone who is already upset at the amount of sheer idiocy and bad parenting the poster is describing. However, if it is true, in my opinion this person needs all of their children taken away from them for neglect and endangerment.


@Tasha you are too right she should why would any one post something like this trying to get some innocent employee in trouble, They might have a family and kids of his or her own that they actually Care about!


Don't blame the Walmart Employees for your negligence on not watching your 5 year old better!! You should be banned from going inside another walmart you are nothing but person just trying to get something from Walmart and if your child leg had been bleeding for that long why didn't you take him to the hospital!!


Did you say that he got lost 3 times and that walmart employees are responsible for telling him to stop running, and please tell me i read it wrong... it took you ten minutes to get to the service desks, you have got to freakin be kidding me.

I really don't think that it is in any Walmart employees job description to raise peoples children in the stores. I can not believe that you are even remotely posting this stuff about walmartpersonaaly i think you need to stay home raise your children and please learn to shop ONLINE.


Sounds like you are not a very good parent. Watch your kids.

Put the kid in a cart be the parent and tell him this is where he is staying. Sounds to me like you have more kids than you should. Maybe you should consider paying a reliable mature babysitter while you make your Walmart trips. It will be good for the kids (safer) and good for you.

Seriously you let the child bleed that long and then took the time to come to this site to ask the question does anyone think you should take to the doctors. Seriously ?


It is your fault you were not watching your child! A small child should not be running around a store by himself!

Your lucky a predator didn't kidnap him you worthless piece of garbage! You should be ashamed to call yourself a mother


OK so you lied? You say that he ran away and wasn't with you, then you said that he was right beside you and he tripped-- "my child was standing next to me when this happened.

So what is the real story? I swear, people don't use this site as a legitimate complaint board but as a childish forum for name-calling and playing the blame game.


yes I reported it and filed papers and everything that was needed also I followed up with the managers this morning... I am sorry I made it sound like he cut his leg off bleeding but it was not *** out it would only bleed badly when the cut would come open..

my only reason for posting that comment was hoping they would make sure to remove the metal straps on the pallet a little better next time..

thanks for everyone for putting such nice comments on here it means alot to hear everyone's opinion these days... and thank u "Typical Walmart Shopper" for not saying bad things about me..


So you let your son bleed for 9 hours? Did you report this at the store?


I am not a bad parent, I have all my teeth, I am no were near 400 lbs, shocking but I can even read.. my child was standing next to me when this happened..

I had my 2 yr old in the buggy with our grocery's (paid in cash.. screw everyone who posted that I was a bad parent shame on you for judging someone so badly when you know nothing about what happened.. at least I did not file a suit to get money cause sorry to say it we work for our money..

so screw all you dead beats out there who have nothing better to do than down someone else.. btw why would I put my 5 yr old in a buggy when he was walking beside of me he tripped on his feet


Your a bad parent. The fact you think it is OK to let a kid bleed for several hours and know THINK MAYBE he needs stiches...your an ***, doubt you have any teeth, and your 400 pounds.

Im from West Virginia, I know how you retards are who live there, always looking for a law suit so you can sit on your fat *** another 40 years. This is NOT Walmarts fault.


I work for wal-mart and let me tell you this sounds like your fault for not watching him to begin with and 2nd of all we page more lost parents than kids why can't you people just watch your freaking kids once in a while stick him in the shopping cart! Plus for your info I do have a 5 year old and she gets put in the buggy so she won't run around so grow up and watch your kid!.



you are letting your five year old child run around walmart unattended? SERIOUSLY?

and since when is it ANY retail employee's job to babysit your child and tell them not to run, etc. seems to me like, since you never really were with your kid in the store, you can't say if an employee never told your brat to stop running.

i think you fail 100% at parenting, that's what.