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Did not want to do this, but,I was sold a RPLreplacementPlan,by an associate at my Wal-Mart store,I was told it works just like Best Buys replacement plan, I was given the wrong pamphlet,#1 and #2 It does not work the same as Best Buys, it kicks in after the Manufacturers plan ends,so be careful and get a the right pamphlet from walmart, don't trust what there associates say and be smart, buy your electronics from an electronics store, you save in the end.Oh and I never could get info online with walmarts plan the system has been messed up for a couple weeks now.I am dissapointed with Wal-Mart,and their customer service people

Monetary Loss: $69.

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If you actually read the BBT brochure for the replacement plans, "they start from date of purchase........does not replace the mfr warranty." Same ***. One additional year.

More deceptive at BBY.

Same company that does BBY does Walmart's plans. What is so risky sbout year 2 anyhow?


Yeah, buy your *** at Best Buy. No one ever complains about their warranties.

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