Indianapolis, Indiana

Lat week we were doing some Christmas shopping, We found a couple items that supposidly on sale. childrens wrestling men with other things with it.

the price on the shelf was $14.99. then we found a phone that was cordless with an answering machinefor $24.99 But when we were checking out the items rang up at a different price. We were pretty upset because it was like they were calling us liars.they went to check on the toys and naturaly they came back with a different price than what we had said. So we told them to keep them.we would shop elsewhere.

This store is in Camby ,In. and we have been shopping there every since it opened. But now I am not so sure if I want to continue shopping there.

We have never had this problem before. It was very upsetting. We are elderly and it is hard to find a good place to shop.


Ruth McGill

3309 W. Mooresville Rd.

Indianapolis, In 46221

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"Trevor do yo work at Wal-mart or something because all your stories are from there. If so that means you are not a child molester because you have a job and they usually do criminal checks."

This means there are two options in life.

Work for Walmart or molest children.

Seriously get off the internet, this site is for adults with legit complaints, not for juvenile delinquesnts who are angry they can't get away with their scam.



The home office is in Bentonville, AR.


Trevor do yo work at Wal-mart or something because all your stories are from there. If so that means you are not a child molester because you have a job and they usually do criminal checks.

I was referring to those people who don't have a job, who live off the government because they are too drunk to work and who go and prey on children. I mean sure there are some adults who play online games and need to grow up, however the majority of them are child molesters if they are over 18.


First of all you owe Trevor, and most likely everyone here an apology for accusing them of being child molesters just cause of what they like doing online. 12 years old and already trying to scam the system see where that gets you once you are 18.


One more thing, since when was 25 years old "elderly"?


Let's make some things clear first okay. I am 21 and I know how to use the internet, and sometimes I do play neopets and I am not a child molester okay.

However "kids these days" is correct, at Wal-mart I heard even saw lots of parents using their children to steal. Children are not punished harshly by law as adults are. They do this often that they don't know they are doing any wrong. They even reward their children for doing wrong by buying them treats as "kids these days" have stated.

Sometimes when these children are older they try to tell their parent that they are wrong only to be threatened with being beaten if they don't do as they are told. In most cases of caught they have their children taken away from them because they are using them for crime.

There was one girl (seven years old) whose mother was doing the exact thing that Ruth did. She wanted something for free, so she switched the tags to make it look like the item she wanted cost less than the actual price. It did not ring up at that price because the mother switched the price.

The mother would have gotton away with it had her daughter not(thinking she was helping the mother) told the cashier that her mother switched the tags and because of that they have to give it to her for free. The mother immediately told the girl that she was stup*d and claimed that her daughter switched the tags and threatened to abandon her daughter in the store and have the police arrest her. Silly mother did not know that some concerned citizen was watching her every move. This concerned citizen heard her telling the daughter that would try to get the item for the cheaper price at another lane and if she did not get it the daughter said anything "stup*id" that she would smack her across the face in front of everyone and leave her right at the lane.

She then told her that if she did not get it for the cheaper price that if the police allow her to come home she would beat her with a belt. She however did hit her child in the parking lot, and said a whole bunch of horrible things to her. She told her that she would have a "bad man" pay her(the mother) to do things sexually to her to make up for the money she lost because she opened her mouth. She eventually left her child in the parking lot(I guess to scare her for a few minutes) and told her that she has to walk home on the way and that she hopes on the way a "bad man" picks her up and rapes her.

All this mistreatment over having to pay only 97 cents extra. The mother was foolish enough to make a scene that though she got away several people got her license plate and she had her child taken away from her.


Because when you are elderly people tend to take you side and people tend to feel bad for them. So I was hoping they would talk to the manager and say to change the price until Christmas.

People have sympathy for them. It was for sympathy. Seriously if anyone fell for that they are dumb because no one over the age of 18 knows how to use the internet unless they are preying off children. Just like anyone over 18 who plays neopets is a child molester.

If I told them I was 12 they would not take me seriously. They don't take kids seriously, so I had to pretend to be older so I said I was elderly so they would think I am 25 or something.


You are 12 why did you put you are elderly?


Oh no one told me it was illegal, I never knew that. The person even told me not to change the sign but when she left I changed the sign.

I thought it was okay because I saw the man do the same another day. Anyways if it is illegal I am really sorry. I thought it was okay since other people did it. I have another brother and he is nine and he saw them do it too, and so did my friend.

I thought i would write this letter because some kids in my class visit this site. Anyways I won't do it again because the manager told me that next time I would get in trouble.


Why don't you ask your paernts if you can borrow money, tell them what you want it for. I am sure they will lend you the money.


What are children coming to these days days. It seems more children are resulting to crime these days and it's scary. Just before posting on this letter I read a letter from a parent whose 14 year old was on lookout while her friends were shoplifting and she did not think her daughter was doing any wrong. Then a while back on this site I read a letter from a 11 year old boy who admitted to shoplifting at either Target or Wal-mart and he tried to use the fifth ammendment when the security guard asked him why he stole. Then there was a response from another 12 year old boy who wrote about how he has been stealing since he was seven and how he did not get caught until he was 12 and he seemed pretty proud of stealing and told us they can't do much to juvenilies, and now this little girl commits fraud by changing the price tag and makes a complaint when she did not get her way. Perhaps the adults are not good role models because in all cases the children were rewarded for their illegal actions. The 11 year old caught stealing was allowed to have his 12th birthday and was given the items from his parents which he stole, the 14 year old refuses to believe her daughter was part of the crime though the law says she is. Now this girl is telling us about how she tried to cheat Wal-mart because she saw an adult do the same and get away with it.

This is for Ruth.

I agree with you when you write a letter you should write it properly, however this is the internet and you just posted your letter for everyone to see, including those pervs who prey on chidren. Also what you did is illegal. They gave that man the price which was cheaper because he was not caught switching the tags, most likely because he knew it was illegal however it seemed like you did it in front of an associate. However keep in mind that it is illegal and could result to you being charged and possibly sent to either a foster home or juvenile detention.


Hollywood that is how you write a professional letter. You leave your address at the end for them to contact you.

Anyways it is not like anyone from Wal-mart home office is going to come over to my house. Their home office I think is in Calfornia and I am like 5000 miles from them.


anyways i know the price said $14.99 because they had one of those tags which you can remove. The ones which have the numbers 0-9 and it first said $24.99 so I changed the 2 to a 1 and not it said $14.99.

They said because a associate caught me changing the price myself that they would not allow it beacuse it is illegal. So that is why they did not sell it. I had $20 with me which i earned myself and they did said that it was illegal to switch the tags and next time they would call our parents and we wold be in trouble. In was really scared.

Is it really illegal because i saw this man do it and make a big deal of it until they apologized and gave him the price lower price but because I am only 12 they pushed me around and said it was illegal to change the higher price to a lower price to get it for a lower price, so my friends and i told them to keep the toys. I like their stores mack, but i don't hink they should push children around just beacuse we are younger than them. If it was ilegal why did they not tell that man it was illegal. I wanted to buy this for my brother's Christmas.

HE is five and loves those toys.

I still don't have enough money because we have a pizza party at school and because I bought some things for myself. I also went to see the new Harry Potter movie with my friends.


dumb idea right there to give out your address on a random forum online...


Unless things have changed, I remember hearing years ago that a store is required by law to sell a product at the price at which it is tagged.

As a side note, I try to stay away from Walmart. They're getting too big and we're fueling their fire by shopping there. I fear the day when they put all the other businesses out of business and then we'll all be faced with paying whatever they want for their products.