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On 1-27-16 I when to the Walmart located on South Main, Lexington, 29073. When I called for the exact I was told it was 881 Sunset, Lexington, SC.

The problem I had was I was at the razor blades display. I notice that packs of two (2) blades cost $3.00. There were two (2) rows of this type blade, both marked $3.00. By the way, the name brand was Fusion.

On the shelf above there were parks of four (4) blades for $21.47. I thought at first they might be a better quality blade. One of your clerks was nearby and I asked her why was there so much difference in price. Now keep in mind that there were 2 rows of the $3.00 blades.

One row was completely empty and the other had 3 packs left. The clerk reply was, "I don't know because she did they didn't have any Fusion blades that cost $3.00". My next question was, "How many people did she think purchased what they thought was $3.00 however were charged $9.47? Her answer, "I don't Know".

The thought came to me was, how many more of your products were priced in this fashion and went unknown by the consumer. Anyway the female clerk said that she would only charged me at the price that was listed. She was aware that I was purchasing 2 packs of blades. I followed her back to her back to the front and asked if she was going to put the price on the packages.

She told me that the clerk will know about it when I checked out. Well they weren't aware of this purchased. I asked the clerk to ask the "manager" that was dealing with. Then I was told that she had left the store for lunch.

I then asked for the clerk to follow me back to the display which she replied, "Im not walking back over there". However she noticed the look on my face she did reply with my request. At arrival at the display a guy who said he was the manager was there. I showed them the rows of blades and asked the same questions that I previously asked.

Again the reply was "I don't know". If asked these same questions my reply would have been, "Apparently they were missed marked". Up to this point I had been holding my temper until the "manager" said that he was only giving me 1 pack of blades for the $3.00 listed price. I advised him that I was advised that it would be 2 packs for $3.00 packs each.

He began to get loud and told me to leave the store or he was going to call the police. I asked him to do just that because a record of this needs to be made.

Naturally his attitude brought this to a head and I got loud. I feel that this young "manager" was given more responsibility than he could handle which showed in his efforts to escalate the bad situation and the thought of how many other people were sucked into this purchase and how many more are in this store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gillette Fusion Razor.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Location, Exchange policy, Some prices.

Walmart Cons: Produce and customer servixe, Improper attitude when dealing with the public, No problem solving abilities.

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So you knew the price was wrong and you tried to benefit from it?


Unfortunately, that's all of retail in general. Prices and tags get mismarked whether it be by human error or system error.

This will never change. Mistakes will always happen, and that will never change.


So you knew that the price was $9.47 before you got up there and you were complaining anyways? Sorry, but sometimes other customers do switch price tags.

I'm not saying that you did it and yes they should change that. But they are short staffed at times.

I also know that you are aware that this happens. There was no need to complain.


Long complaint.

What happened to just including what is necessary instead of every detail?