Colorado Springs, Colorado
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This morning I was shopping at a local Walmart Neighborhood grocery store.

I saw a pkg. of fresh raspberries that I wanted to buy. The shelf tag below

it said $2.48. When I got to the register it rang up @ $3.48. I explained to the cashier that is not what the sign said. We walked over together and it

was as I said....there were other pkgs. above the sign @ $2.48. She then said that they were placed above the wrong sign. She proceeded to tell me that I should have read the label carefully. Not having my glasses on, that was not possible. I expected that the least that she could have done was honor the price....I was not asking to get something for nothing. Doing something like this would certainly not put a company like Walmart out of business. I have worked in grocery retail for 19 years for a company no where as near the size of Walmart and giving the customer the item at the price marked was the standard.

I am getting to the point where I would prefer to shop at a store that is more expensive than to have to put up with pricing policies at a

company as large as this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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