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Sirs, I have requested to have resupply of certain items.

I have gotten a run around for months.

Vegetables / Fruit / Dairy Products / Tobacco Products.

Went to customer service three or four times with requests.

I am always treated well when dealing with the front line employees.

I don't know how the system works with the higher echelon supervision but someone is not doing their job. The answer is that Walmart have given front line employees a workload that is impossible to meet on a daily bases.

I have seen negative actions of customers with regards to security in Walmart stores, this is a major problem for this company and their bottom line. Now that they have done away with Greeters and security systems customers are walking away with everything they can get away with, which drives up prices to consumers in the end.

If low income people need staples is one classification for stealing but a certain percent of people are taking advantage of this new righteous system they have in place.


Dan S

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: Savings.

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if they dont have your product, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. tobacco is virtually the same price as in the kmart across the street.

Why does it matter to you if walmart looses business?

I think you are looking way to hard to having something to complain about. grow up