Ontario, Canada
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While I was in your store I bought Magnum gold ice cream. It wa real delicious.

That was the only thing that I bought. I left the receipt in the car and my girlfriend's car was getting maintained so she borrowed mine. She was about to throw the receipt out when she saw that they sold Magnum gold. She came home and started calling me all sorts of names and started swearing at me.

She also started throwing things at me. Books, clothes, knives ect. I asked her that what was up as I don't recall doing anything to anger her. She showed me the receipt and asked what the Magnum gold was.

I told her it was ice cream. She said I was cheating on her. She thought I bought Magnum gold condoms. I told her that they also made ice cream with the same name.

She said I was *** her.

I got angry at her and bought another box of magnum gold ice cream and showed her that it is the name of an ice cream. She apologized but I said no because she should have trusted me in the first place.

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When people throw knives at you it is a good thing you broke up with them. Trust me you should be thanking Walmart for this. P.S be glad you don't live in US where even psychos like her are allowed to own guns.


Spoken like a Hillary CUNTon supporter.

@The ***servative

That's right, shut up Peter Griffin. You are a loony liberal obviously

@The ***servative

I don't have an issue with gun ownership, but when people start shooting up schools, or leaving them where their child can find it and accidentally kill their friend, or sibling that is whom I have an issue with.


Joke Why do gun shops have sales in August. Because school starts in September.

@The ***servative

What do you care you are not even from US.

@The ***servative



Next time stick with Haagen-Dazs, it will make your life a whole lot easier.


The best advice ever.


Good for you. Crazy lady and insecure. She's a nut.