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Was at self check out and three separate workers were all giving me a hard time Over the stuff in my cart but yet other Mexicans females had more items in their carts and wasnt told anything or bothered one time wasnt asked to go over their scanned items or even have any of them stop their purchase like they were with me and my husband me nor my husband are of Mexican descent we both have tattoos and were wearing white tang tops and shorts I feel like we were targeted and harassed for how we look and for not being Mexican like the manager and other two workers

The manager kept listening to the other worker on what to do and wasnt at all manager material let alone a individual that should work the floor and have any interaction with customers and haveing to make any desicions on her own or think for her self and she should not have anything to do with customer care

I feel extremely disrespected and as if my race and the way me and my husband looked made it easy for your workers to target us and thats not right at all

Something needs to be done about that and Im going to talk to a lawyer

I want to file charges for being profiled the way me and my husband were at your store

User's recommendation: Make sure the worker you talk to is the same race as you or your *** Walmart has racist and disrespectful workers that will judge you by how you look and how you shop.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 8810 Grossmont Boulevard, La Mesa, CA 91942

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Claiming racism without proof you are judging them by their looks.


Good luck filing charges, you have no proof of racism.


How is your loss $50?

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