West Chester, Pennsylvania
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I bought a phone at walmart. (irrelevant info because no matter where you got the phone...you will wait).

took a protection plan. Information says "receive your new phone overnight". WRONG. It is back ordered and I will be receiving a "refurbished" iphone in approximate 7 to 10 business days.

WATCH OUT when buying phones and having to deal with this sort of ***. My carrier is verizon. Verizon you need to get a better company to handle your insurance. This sucks and I'm PISSED.

Prior to committing to a carrier, review ans see who handles their extended protection plans. Watch out for Verizon.

I would not recommend them to my worst eneny. I screwed and stuck without aphone for over a week.

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probably bad karma for buying something as dumb as an iPhone. I guess you're just as simple minded as Apple.