HSo I recently bought a hisense pro tablet and purchased the extended warranty because my luck with electronics is zero.

Tonight the charging port quit working at first it was oh its within 90 days maybe I can just take it back, nope only have 15 days. So I went online and filled out my claim, wait they are giving me less than I paid less than 3 months ago.

So I called the 800 # they only 80% if it's still under manufacture warranty and not physically damaged. Only pay 100% if physically damaged.

The pamphlet clearly states normal wear and tear but after two phone calls I was so frustrated I did actually "drop" and "damage" the screen while trying to plug it in. I won but will never buy from Walmart again.

Review about: Walmart Protection Plan.

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warranty plans are nothing but money makers for the companies that push them!! Any kind of add on is nothing but money makers for nothing.


Do you really think you're going to have better luck with Target's or Best Buy's extended warranties? All stores sell useless warranties to suckers dumb enough to buy them.

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