Chicago, Illinois

Everytime I go into a public washroom in Walmart there is never a place to hang my purse. This is very combersome for a woman.

I can tell you did have a hook up there for us but none exist anymore. Please there must be an answer to remedy this situation. Also, please post somehow to customers that if the toilet does not flush that all they have to do is hit the button on the top. People can be so uncaring about the next person.

Thank you so much for listening. I hope you can remedy this situation soon.

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Ignore the trolls. Yours is the first legitimate complaint I've read against Wal-Mart on this site (admittedly, I'm only halfway through the list).

These are probably the same idiots who vandalize the restrooms by yanking the hooks off the stall doors, tearing the paper towel dispensers off the walls, unwinding all the toilet paper onto the floor, etc.

Their type is to be found at pretty much any large retail outlet. All I can say is, follow Common Sense's advice if you find yourself in the position of having to use ANY public restoom, whether at Wal-Mart or anywhere else.


Since you know Walmart's restroom is *** (no pun intended), why don't you tear off some paper towels, lay them on the floor and then put your purse on that. Also, if the toilet hasn't been flushed prior to you using it, FLUSH IT.

Then proceed to use the potty, wipe, flush, remove your purse, open the door, wash your hands, dry them and leave.


Seriously I understand your frustration but just deal with it.


"tracking the doo-doo" is the proper way to write it. Good night.


O.K.. Lets assume that I didn't make the huge mistake of talking potty talk(potty talk--appropiate for this topic, he he).

This review just seemed a little to "under thought" before it was written. Sorry about "traking The doo-doo".


Drop the kids off at the pool means, taking a ***. Aka dropping the "kids" off at the pool as the *** lands in toilet water.


What pool, I don't have any children and what does dropping them off at the pool have anything to do with this.


What pool, I don't have any children and what does dropping them off at the pool have anything to do with this.


By the way, alot of people would rather wiggle their finger in the "back portal" of a walrus before they go touching the little button on the back of a Walmart toilet.


If you have a problem with the bathroom then open your purse and drop the kids off at the pool. GROW UP!!! Can' t you find better things to "strike" conversation.


i dont flush toilets have a problem with that, also i use the womens washroom from time to time take a huge *** and don't flush if they don't want to flush a sign wont help. lso put your purse on the floor it is where i put my backpack only now they banned me from the store again for six months.