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I purchased a rush card at Wal-Mart,i activated the card at Wal-Mart the automated service informed me that i couldn't reload this card,the customer service rep.,suggested that i purchase another card so i did,i also activated the card in front of her at the register. When it came time to put in the green dot money pack number it responded that this card also was a one time card and not reloadable.

So I've not the bullet for 4.95 activation fee twice and all the rep. Could do was apologize and tel me to try and call and very a refund.

To my surprise i can't go any further than a balance inquiry because your automated service won't allow me to go any further. What steps do i take at this point to ge my money back.

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Any initial money card that you purchase is not reloadable. After you activate it from your home phone, you may use the card to purchase whatever you like until your permanent card arrives.

(Usually 7-15 days). The card you bought was a temporary card. When you receive your permanent card (with your name on it), call the number to have that one activated and any funds remaining on your temp card transferred to the new one.

Actually it will transfer it automatically once you activate the new one. the associate should have known this.

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