Memphis, Tennessee

I will not ever purchase another protection plan from Walmart ever again. I purchased a plan for my phone june 2013 .

I filed a claim june 11 2014. I was told 24 to 72 hours after having my label scanned i would have my reimbursement sent to my email. It is now July 9, 2014. No refund.

I have called them at least 15 times. Each time i call, its a different lie. First it was because of the holiday then it was the weekend then they claim to have the wrong address which was a lie. I will never recommend this to not a soul on earth.

It is pathetic that i will have to file a small claims suit but i will because unlike Walmart and asurion i dont have a money tree on my balcony to shake. All i wanted was to get a new phone . Now I've paid my bill for the month for nothing because I can't use my phone.

Ridiculous I tell u. A shame.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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