Sylacauga, Alabama

I am 65 years old and handicapped.I shopped the Talladega Walmart,to purchase a gift.I turned around to find that my purse had been taken.Security was notified. They did not find the purse being taken on their video cameras or in the store.I was sranded for 3 hours.I had no money,or keys to my vehicle ,my home,etc.

Walmart needs a better security system and also video coverage!

The big picture truly reveals that I had my purse stolen and in the end ,it cost me alot of money to be robbed!Walmart please get better security.

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If she were making sweet love by the fireplace and the condom broke and she got pregnant she would probably blame Trojan and or the store that sold it to her.


even though I feel bad for the original poster, they shouldn't blame Walmart for this. they aren't responsible for things that aren't theirs.

it sounds like they tried checking their cameras but other than that, how are they supposed to have better security for situations like that?

it's not like they can have the alarms beep for something without a barcode, like a purse. even if they did, then it would beep for any woman (or *** man) walking out with a purse.


If your purse was stolen out of your unlocked vehicle parked on the road, who would you blame? The Department of Highways?


Walmart does not need a better security system you need to be more careful of your surrounds. Also stop using your age and disability to get your advantage because once someone treats you different in a negative way you would be pissed over that.

Same with Sams is *** too, don't blame the company for your carelessness, and don't make false accusations because if the false accusations were against you you would be the first to have a hissy fit. Would you like it if they accused you of making this up to get something for free. No than grow up and don't accuse the employee without proof.

Kristin, the only person who is ignorant is the OP for not watching her purse and acting as if it is not her fault it was stolen. She does not want to take responsibility for being careless.


R u people with ur comments serious... this poor lady gets her purse stolen n u people wanna b ignorant to her, this world today is ridiculous.


Yes, blame all your troubles on everyone that's not involved in your situation. Watch your own stuff, then maybe no one would steal it.


Lady, it is not the store's responsibility to ensure that YOUR purse doesn't get stolen. That could happen anywhere!

Perhaps you shouldn't have left it out of your sight. Use common sense!


OH grow up and learn to take care of yourself. If not ask a parent to take care of your stuff.

Are you really 65 or is that a typo and you are realy five or six. That is how old you and the "husband" are acting.


Sams Club is not your babysitter!!! I don't care what you think!!!

If you can't take the time to watch your own stuff then maybe you shouldn't take it with you while shopping!!! Stepping out the front door is obviously too hard for you to do with out blaming others for your mistakes so maybe you should start shopping online so you at least lose your stuff in the comfort of your own home. Unless the Online customer service reps. came threw the computer and snatched them up.

Im sure they wont be willing to show you those videos either so watch out!!!

It's a conspiracy!!! Take responsibilities for your own actions!!!!!!


Ok, tomorrow Walmart & Sams get top of the line security systems. Then you get a glossy 8 X 10 picture of the guy who took your purse or glasses you were not keeping up with.

It will probably be a white male 5' 10 with a blue jacket. Now run go find him. Knowing what the guy looked like will not get your items returned. Even a license plate # can easily be disputed by a bad guy.

He will just tell the cops he loaned his car out.

They will have to have a warrant to take photos of him, and even then what are you gonna get back right then. You were stuck 3 hrs irreguardless


I'm sorry but you are responsible to watch your belongings, you should be aware of your surroundings, don't rely on store security.


This is not directed to the original poster. I'm sure if you could afford one pair of Armani glasses you could afford another.

Maybe if your husband wasn't so careless about something that costs so much they wouldn't be lost now. There's a *** good reason companies don't let you view surveillance video and has nothing to do with employee theft as your so quick to assume. Being as this is Sam's Club I HIGHLY thought you and the other employees were the only ones in the store. I just love it how people like you are so quick to point fingers at the employees.

Next time tell your husband to watch his stuff more carefully. Sams club isn't there to babysit your personal items.


We went to Sams (my husband and I). We were among the first customers on the morning.

No one was there.. My husband dropped his sunglasses ARMANI, and we realized like 5 minutes later, and they werent there. And the crazy part is that they didnt want to show us the surveillance video.

Maybe has somethign to do with the fact that maybe someone who works there, stole the glasses?? :(