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Store #3473..Stacy Mitchell Manager..Las Vegas, NV

This store is in the middle of a Senior area...stretching 10/15 blocks in all directions....

Why does this manager, or whomever responsible....Have all the price match items from area sales papers, removed from the shelves the first week in the month? Fresh Food sale items are removed, all that is found is pkged items that were not sold,brands that no one wants. Except the desperate, and those that can not read English well. If sALES paper reads 10# russet potatos for 99C ...there will be no 10# bags to be found for sale.

I go early, 5 am, after stocking has been done, I know this to be true. You can not use the excuse that maybe things have been picked over, in answer to my query.

This is totally ridiculous, cold and inhumane for these Seniors to be treated this way....You have businesses all over the world, why are you now trying to decrease quality and reputation you once had?

You know from the sales here, this Supercenter has been a one stop for everything, for the seniors in this community, Would boycotting your store get someone to look at the problem here? Don't think it can't be done....We have been watching decreasing quality and lack of motor carts for their convenience for some time now.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Sometimes stores don't always get everything that they need when the trucks come in. Furthermore, I don't believe any senior could possibly use ten pounds of potatoes before some of them would go bad.

I also find it hard to believe that 10 pounds of potatoes would be that cheap. Where I live five pounds for $1.50 is considered cheap. I am 75 and we have a hard time getting five pounds used up before some of them go bad. I'm sure Walmart has more important things for their employees to do than go around removing items off the shelves so that people that want to price match can't do so.

When it comes to price matching other store ads, you do realize that the 10 pound bag of potatoes would have to say the exact same brand as at the other store, don't you? As far as the electric carts for customer use goes, the carts aren't just for senior citizens, they are for anybody that requires one for any type of disability(not all seniors NEED to use them.) Younger people people that have disabilities that can't be seen, as well as other disabilities can use them too. Actually there is no law of any kind that says stores have provide the electric carts for their customers, they do so as a privilege. Some larger stores where I live only have two of the carts, and some of the larger stores don't have any.Playing the senior card takes away from the credibility of your complaint.

Seniors aren't the only people that shop there and looking for bargains. Where I live the other three grocery store companies only ever have one item in there ads, at the most, that is cheaper than the prices at WalMart. A lot of the time it is such a low difference it isn't worth the hassle of price matching. You really should quit whining and thank God for small favors, you are able to get around, apparently you have enough cash, for you to be "HOITY-TOITY" about the brands of items you buy.

It is really nasty and rude of you to make the comment that you did about the people that buy the brands that they have. Just because people buy those brands doesn't mean they are desperate or can't read English real well. Some of those off brands are actually better than the name brands. Get off you high horse and try them.

Also quit being such a snob.