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Store# 05363 Walmart 11465 Tara Blvd, Lovejoy, GA 30250 Please let this email serves as a formal complaint I've been a customer of Walmart for several years Walmart provides me with all my medication I have diabetes gout also I have a torn disc in my back High blood pressure high cholesterol and scoliosis to the back Walmart also provides my family with our entire grocery my daughter glasses clothing for school you would think that because I'm such a regular and frequent Shopper at Walmart, I would be treated better. when I spoke to Walmart Pharmacy in our surrounding area they also told me that it would be no way that Walmart could order the medication needed without first accepting the hard copy of the prescription for me that would-be policy.

Well this Walmart pharmacy refused to take my hard copy stating that they would lose it and I would not get my medication. Not only have discriminated against me but this Walmart also violated policies and to me it’s a deliberate action to which result in pain and suffering. I'm in pain I'm miserable with to my family. all my illnesses are chronic illnesses and considered permanent last week I receive pain medication after having an operation to ease my severe pain I placed a prescription in Walmart Pharmacy and to date I have not received the medication.

I made request to speak to a supervisor but to date no avail I was advised that I would not receive my medication till next week I don't understand this procedure why does it take 2 weeks for person is having severe pains to receive pain medication this is unacceptable after checking with Walmart Pharmacy Norcross Georgia I was advised that Walmart orders medication twice weekly so is this a deliberate action by this Walmart or does it really takes two weeks for a person who needs pain medication to receive medication seems to me that this is deliberate after talking to other pharmacies.

I sincerely hope you can address this matter. You can reach me at 7705727195, Xavier Miller

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Apparently, you are trying to get a script for some sort of narcotic/pain-relieving drug filled at Walmart and are having a problem---not an unusual occurrence at Walmart in pretty much every area of a Walmart store. That being said, why bother with Walmart pharmacy? Take your script to a different pharmacy.