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I won some gift cards over my cell phone how do I collect them


Handicap Scooters

There are hardly any Handicap Scooters At Gibsonton, Florida Walmart. Most of the time there are none.

This is a large store.

The little Walmarts have lots of them. Why does this store only have a few?


They break often, and/or get stolen. They should order more, but they may be restricted on their budget from sales being too low.

you can always do that survey thing and complain. Our local store can’t keep hand baskets because some people apparently like them, a lot.


I need some help

I purchase an iPad and a warranty Walmart for 3 years when I call the 1-800 number they didn't have my information find my receipt how do I get a receipt so that I can make my claim


application porocess

I keep getting a error message on application of time expired and system problem. Cant seem to get past it. help Please


Hubbell Fowler


Online application

I can't seem to apply online. I keep getting message "systamatic error has occurred or your session has expired".

I have gone to public library and career center computers and still I get the same message . Please help?



When Are We Going To Get Our Gift Card In The Mail By


Re: change in return policy for bras

I don't understand how you can return a swimsuit but not a bra?????


Pharmacy hours

Why is our Walmart supercenter pharmacy not open 24/7, our store hours are 24/7.why does our pharmacy not open as early as 6a or 7a also, customers have commented why do we wait until 9a to open


I know this is old, but to give you an idea, the pharmacist makes more than salaried management at our store. They are really expensive along with the lower level pharmacy technicians.

Profit margin isn’t big enough for pharmacy with so many 4$ Walmart prescriptions and have it open 24/7. It wouldn’t really make a good economical decision :/


Date used for online tc#?

Hi I need to know which date do I use when I enter the tc# from an online grocery purchase. The date order was placed online or date order was picked up. Thanks


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