“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”-Sam Walton

EXCEED your customers’ expectations. If you do, they’ll come back over and over. Give them what they want – and a little more. Let them know you appreciate them. Make good on all your mistakes, and don’t make excuses – apologize. Stand behind everything you do. The two most important words I ever wrote were on that first Wal-Mart sign: “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.-Sam Walton

Each and every store asssociate needs to read and remember these quotes from their founder.

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Walmart heiress Alice Walton will likely have DWI arrest expunged from her record after her arresting officer was put on suspension

Charges were dropped against the heiress last month when it was announced that her arresting officer wouldn't be able to testify

The state trooper is currently on suspension pending an investigation into allegations of misconduct

Alice Walton is now asking that the charges be erased from her record

The arrest happened in 2011 when she was returning from her birthday dinner in Texas

Walton is worth an estimated $27 billion


she was worth 81,000.oo dollars dead to walmart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frs25RsstoA


"Wal-Mart's Waltons Use CLATs, FLPs and GRATs to Shield Billions From Estate Tax" Professional planners have sometimes held up the Waltons as a model. Patriarch Sam Walton, who founded Wal-Mart in Bentonville, cultivated an image as a regular guy from Oklahoma who enjoyed quail hunting and drove a beat-up Ford pick-up truck.

He also showed unusual foresight about estate planning. According to his autobiography, “Made in America,” Sam Walton started arranging his affairs to avoid a potential estate tax bill in 1953. His five-and-dime-store business was still in its infancy and his oldest child was 9.

That year, he gave a 20 percent stake in the family business to each of his children, keeping 20 percent for himself and his wife. “The best way to reduce paying estate taxes is to give your assets away before they appreciate,” he wrote in the book.


That's my man!


NEED FOOD ask your fellow low paid co workers "A Wal-Mart store is being criticized for collecting donations of food for their “associates in need.” Company officials said the Canton, Ohio, food drive was an attempt to encourage Wal-Mart employees to help colleagues who are less fortunate. Critics say the collection underlines the fact that the retail giant does not pay its employees a living wage." WALTON family success!!


Walmart Sued For Collecting Life Insurance on Employees






By James Call



Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Supreme Court is deciding whether Walmart widowers can sue the corporation for a share of the life insurance policies Walmart purchased in their wives' names. They want some of the $9.6-million the corporation collected when the insurance benefits were paid.

Walmart got the money when 132 Florida employees enrolled in a corporate-owned life insurance program died. When a company names itself a beneficiary on a policy bought in the name of a rank and file employee, it is known as Dead Peasants Insurance. Walmart stopped the practice in 2000, saying it was losing money. In the case before the Florida Supreme Court, a federal judge is asking the court to decide at the time the policies were purchased whether Florida law provided family members standing -- the right to sue to claim the life insurance money.

Eileen Moss represents Walmart. It has paid more than $15-million to settle class action dead peasant suits in Texas and Oklahoma, but in Florida, she argued the law is on Walmart's side.

"You have to have standing. They were not parties to the contract, and they weren't harmed by it. They didn't pay the premiums, and so the decision was made no standing. Now, where they started creating standing was through statutory rights."

Moss argued the Florida Legislature in 2008 gave families the right to sue, standing. New rights cannot be applied retroactively. The estates of Rita Atkinson and Karen Armatrout see it differently. They argued that two years ago lawmakers clarified Florida law, and the rights were already there.

Michael Myers represents Atkinson, Armatrout, and others. He points to the case of a Port St. Lucie banker. Seventy-three years ago his estate argued all the way to the Supreme Court that it had a legal claim on the life insurance money.

"I think the importance of that case is a bank president's family had the right to sue. So if a bank executive's family had the right to sue in 1937, why wouldn't the families of pharmacy workers and administrative people in the office have the right to sue in 2010?"

That case is McMullen, and Moss argued Myers is misreading it. She said McMullen did not decide standing. Therefore, prior to 2008 the only remedy available would be to declare the policies void. Her remarks drew these comments from Justice Barbara Pariente.

"I would have agreed with you that I thought the only remedy was to be able to void a policy. But I don't think McMullen can be dispensed with as simply in terms of that this court was saying, certainly didn't say they didn't have standing and certainly didn't say that they wouldn't have that cause of action. They wouldn't adjudicate the dispute if those thresholds to findings were contrary."

The silence in the courtroom was the opening through which Myers drove home his point. Precedence was established in 1937.

"The only difference is that was the estate of a key person who sued. Here we have the estate of rank and file employees. If these insured's have standing to sue, then the seamless web of the law works perfectly. McMullen was correct. Gerstell was correct. List versus List with the living person was correct. The Legislature was correct when it said it was only clarifying the existing law. The dictionary definition of clarify is just to make clear, easy to understand, it doesn't add anything. This seamless web of the law is seamless. Public policy is promoted."

In court filings, Walmart says the amounts of payouts on the 132 Florida employee policies ranged from 55 to 90-thousand dollars. It said the program was intended to help pay rising employee healthcare costs. It didn't work out and was cancelled in 2000. Surviving family members, like Armatrout and Atkinson, want a share of the $9.6-million Walmart collected on employee life insurance policies. But first, the Florida Supreme Court has to decide if they have standing, that is, the right to sue.


I believe if Sam Walton were still living he would NOT agree at all with how his money grubbing family is running his empire! Sad greedy world! :cry


When Sam Walton Died So Did Wal Mart

I have been an associate at Wal Mart for almost 6 years. Before I started working for the company I knew nothing about the internal problems it has,however I have since learned alot.

Through reading some of the book that Sam Walton wrote about the company he founded,I have learned that most of the problems with Wal Mart started after Mr. Walton passed away. Sam built Wal Mart into a very successful company by paying attention to the needs of the people and taking care of his employees. In return he got loyal customers and employees that were willing to give 110% to the company.

Sam was a hands on person who spent alot of time visiting his stores personally and listening to what his associates had to say about their place of employment. He enjoyed meeting the associates and customers and was willing to go the distance to make sure that everyone was happy. In the 80's and early 90's with sam at the helm Wal Mart really began to grow and stock prices soared. Wal Mart was truly a place where you could start a career and actually make something out of it.

Now that Sam is gone,the last few people working for the company during that era are being phased out. Sam's children now have control of the company and they aren't very hands on at all. They want nothing to do with the every day goings on in the stores. They would rather have some corporate *** or CEO run the company for them.

There is where your problem lies. The Waltons give the CEO full control,and all he has to do is show them a big return on their money. As long as the bottom line is more money for them,they don't care what he does. These corporate *** have gradually phased out just about all of Sam's beliefs and principles and what got this company where it was before they took over.

People like David Glass,Tom Coughlin(who stole the company blind before he was fired),and now Lee Scott don't care about what the customers or the associates think or want. They could care less about meeting you or listening to what you have to say. We are nothing more than a number to them. Unfortunately that is the way they run this company now.

They figure as long as they can pressure their vendors and manufacturers to sell them their products for dirt cheap,they can keep people coming back by selling those same products lower than the competitors. They also believe in cutting overhead by slashing the payroll at the ground levels and making the associates work twice as hard. They have also gotten rid of many of the incentive plans that Sam had in place to reward associates for hard work(good job pins,Christmas bonus,merit raises,etc.). Now they have started screwing with the my share program which was started so that all associates could benefit from store profits.

It seems that every year they come up with a new plan for how this bonus can be earned,and every year it gets harder and harder for ground level associates to earn anything. Now morale in the stores and distribution centers is at an all time low. The Store Managers are like corporate robots. They have prepared speeches and corporate responses to everything.

***,the company even sends people in management to schools to learn how to dodge issues, how to get around dealing with problems at the store level,and even how to lie when you need to. This is called leadership Training(what a joke). As long as the Walton's are getting theirs,they don't care. Lee Scott will do whatever it takes to keep making his pockets fatter,and it trickles down from there.

The days when people like Sam Walton would run their own companies with their own beliefs are gone. Corporate *** or crooks or whatever else you want to call them,are the order of the day. These are the people whose heads we want on a platter,and they have done everything in their power to make sure that isn't going to happen. They have politicians in their back pockets,and Lawyers to handle anything that comes their way.

They have built a brick wall around themselves to protect their money and their assets. It's up to us,the common men and women to find a crack in that wall and chop these corporates moguls down to size and level the playing field.


If Sam was living today he might have another saying !!!a


Yes he would WE DID IT it worked out as planned SCREW THE LITTLE GUY!! we want billions and billions!!


anonymous;People think it's no big deal what Walmart does to their employees but they should you have a company thats founder was true to people and other companies but they can't be true to employees who work their butts off do what mgmnt. wants and they treat them like garabage but workers that call in and are late every shift and do just enough to get by keep giving paychecks to.


Where is VPBernie? I think he might have a lot to add to the conversation?

No follow up posts? strange??


To bad walmart doesn't remember that, if everyone who said we aren't coming back to the store, would really not go back then maybe the company would change something.


Interesting read! I looked up this DEAD PHEASANT INSURANCE looks like it was common practice for large corporations to do to low level employees without the employee ever even knowing about it. Maybe if they kept it more older workers would stay employed seems like employees reach age 50 and they are put out to pasture.


Most great companies are built on the backs of their employees, it called work, something almost 50% of our country no longer wants to do.


Sadly you are exactly right.


Maybe we are tired of having big corporations being built on our banks while we can barely pay rent! Of course they won't work their @$$ES OFF!

Just to make someone else wealthy? NO!!! I use to have a very strong work ethic but in the last seven years I have become more jaded as I realize that the owner of my company is flying around the world buying expensive art for his mansion while most of his employees can't afford health insurance!

And I make more than minimum wage! I can't imagine how anyone can survive on minimum wage.


Communism has never solved it. Communism has led to more blood shed and oppression than any type of government in history. Please stop trying to make our country that way.




Talking about the communism you lefties keep trying to turn America into.