A friend & I were shopping at Walmart, when my friend saw another male customer pushing a cart, coming up the aisle towards us. My back was facing him, and she felt he wasn't going to slow down or stop, so she told me to "watch out." I stepped back, saying, "I saw him." He mumbles a racial slur as he goes by us.

I ask him, "what was that?" and he proceeds to stop and say, "*** trash." I got upset and yelled, "you racist pig!!", to which he yelled, "security!", which drew the attention of an associate in the next aisle, who came to see what the commotion was, then went to get management. In that short time, we were both throwing insults back at each other, and was so upset that I felt it best I just go out to the car and calm down before it escalated into anything further. Mind you, I'm a woman and this is a man, so I'm also a little fearful because he is in my face yelling all sorts of expletives and racial slurs. By the time I reach the end of the aisle, a manager was there asking me what happened.

I explained the situation and that I was leaving, but he felt the need to escort me out of the store and tell me he was calling the police on ME and said I wasn't welcome back in the store anymore. My friend stayed behind to purchase what we did have in our cart at that point. While checking out, she asked the cashier if she knew the names of the two managers who showed up, and she told her, and also asked what happened. When my friend reiterated that this racist was able to say what he wanted and was allowed to continue to shop with no reprimand whatsoever, the female manager turned around to say, "this is a family store and we don't tolerate your friend's type of behavior." My friend responded, "but you do tolerate people slinging racial slurs at your customers!

That's definitely a family environment!" The manager turned back to the male manager and they started talking amongst themselves, laughing and saying loudly enough for my friend to hear, "I bet her mother is so proud of her." I'm not sure what the policy is regarding these types of situations, but if anything, BOTH parties should have been asked to leave.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1026439

This happened to me too!! Luckily it was that time of the day so I went to women's restroom and took a big fat nasty dump right in the middle of the floor. Wiped my *** on door handle too!!!

to nanci pelosi #1026550

If you have to be so crude and ugly, stay off this site. No one wants to see your stupidity.

York, Pennsylvania, United States #1025862

Okay I have calmed down now and I admit I was in the wrong. I don't recall this but several witnessed claimed that I was the one that made the first racial comment.

I still think that he was the one that made the first racial comment, but that does not matter the fact is even if I were the first one to make the racial comment two wrongs do not make a right. But I still believe he was the first to make a racial slur and then I called him one. My friend told me to ignore him and just let it go. I was so angry because he was being rude to me that I told her to f**k off which I later apologized for and she accepted my apology.

The issue is he should have been kicked out of the store as well but he was not. My friend asked why and she was told several witnesses said I made the first racial comment and started this. I don't recall this, but even if this is the case he is a man and I am a woman. A respectful man does not get two inches from a woman's face.

Then again the "gentleman" was Indian and we all know how women in India are raped in beaten so he would have no issue with attacking a lady. The manager's excuse for him not kicking him out of the store was he did not want the fight to continue in the parking lot and that I am not to return to his store because they do not tolerate this kind of behavior.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1025869

Being a woman does not give you a right to be rude and nasty to a man and then use the I am a poor little woman and he is a man excuse to get away with. This makes you not him a coward.

Grow up. He has every right to defend himself.

If you are really that scared of him you should have backed off when your friend told you instead of being rude to her. I am surprised you are still friends after the way you treated her and I am sure this is not the first time you mistreated her.

to Anonymous #1026433

You are a rare exception that comes back and admits error. However the last part about the man being Indian seems to suggest that you yourself are racist.

I have Indian neighbors who are the BEST people you would ever meet. Maybe just live and let live, keep your temper in check, and remember this incident the next time you get angry at a perceived wrongs and walk away the bigger woman.

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