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I believe that I racially profiled while shopping at Walmart today. It started off when I went to return one item to the service desk.

As soon as i entered the entrance on my way to the customer service I was stopped by the greeter and asked to furnish a receipt for my return. Than I was told , not asked to go to the customer service desk directly . After making my return and paying for some additional purchases I was stopped on my way out by the same greeter who in a stern manner asked to see my recipe because my kiddie pool was not in a bag.

As I stopped to search for my receipt I noticed she had was standing directly in front of my cart as if she expected me to run off. Not only this catch me off guard because the box was not large at all but it felt very odd because I have never been stopped before.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Please remember Wal-Mart and the Employees whom work there, all hate there customers equally.


Correct this could be misconstrued as subjective because at the time I wrote about my experience I felt very much upset. Again if I had not been to this Walmart before and experienced the same thing, this is not that the first time that I have been watched or followed within this store.

With that being said I wrote this because it was wrong that out of all the customers that passed the greeter by I was singled out . Of course just my opinion .


Stop with the racial nonsense---that chip on your shoulder is growing ever larger. Walmart tells it's greeters in most store locations to check the receipts of all customers who have an item in the cart that is not bagged.

Walmart does this because they know very well what kind of customers are attracted to their store and have taken this step to at least alleviate the "shrinkage" as it is called in the retail business. The fact that this practice really angers most people is no cause for concern on Walmart's part---they really don't care what you think.

Best thing to do is not shop at a store that doesn't respect you. Kroger sells food and their are many other places to buy whatever you want in your town.


True, everything is not about race but if course this is my opinion. I felt like I was being discriminated against because I know what racial profiling is. I share my experience with others but this was probably not the best platform to do so.


Send a letter to their Corporate Headquarters detailing your complaint.That information is found on their website.