While shopping at Wal-Mart in Selma, Alabama I noticed a section in the movie department titled “Voices of Color”. It made it wondered what kind reaction Wal-Mart would receive if it had a section dedicated to “White Americans” or something to that nature. I guarantee you that it a situation the Wal-Mart Corporation will never face. What ever happened to equal rights? Creating a separate section based upon color is flat out racism. However, for some reason, our society chooses not to look at it as racism, unless it is against the African American decent. As a White Female American, I view this as nothing less than racism. It is racism against the White Americans as well as the African Americans. Please tell me why it is okay to have a section dedicated to African Americans and not White Americans. I am not asking for Wal-Mart to have a section title “Voices of the White Man” or nothing to that nature. I am asking that there are no sections in Wal-Mart separated by ones color of their skin.

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