Toronto, Ontario

I was waiting to buy some clothing and there was no one nearby so I went to complain. The lady said she may be on break.

I said she was on break for 15 minutes and the manager showed me the items and I bought them. Then this boy gets in my way and I told him to get out of my way and yelled at him. His mother told me not to speak to her son like that. Her don must have been 12.

I told her that she is being very racist and not to talk to me like that. Other people whites ofcourse defended her and said she was not being racist. One person made the comment I had issues. So he thinks because I am Indian I am a terrorist??

Get your facts straight it was Muslims who were responsible for 9/11. While I was shopping something accidentally fell in my purse and they said that I stole an item and they had me on tape putting the item in my purse. I forgot that I out the watch and batteries in my purse and when I told them they did not believe me just because I am Indian. They called the police on me for no reason.

I have never stolen before. WTF.

I am not a teenager so unless they are racist there is no reason to believe that this was an on purpose.

Also who takes a break for 15 minutes. Most likely she did not want to help me because of my skin color and she put the items in my purse when I was not looking and reported me to security.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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You are right the mother should not have talked to you like that, she should have given you a punch in the face for the way you treated her son. 15 minutes is a short break. Grow up.


sounds like everything that couldve went wrong that day went wrong huh? *** u ***


Shut up


Lol, at every walmart I have been too, the counter or shelves that the watches are displayed in are either locked up (expensive ones) or at least 4 feet high. So this watch and batteries that magically fell into your purse must've fallen up? Unless of course you are a midget, then I must apologize.


This can't be serious! I know hen I shop I put stuff in my purse I want o buy.

Not! Can you say theft?

And if you yell at my kid I don't care what color you are I'll kick your butt. ***.


Clearly a fake post by someone who needs attention. There are a lot of Native Americans where I live and none of them refer to themselves as Indian.

So it's if you couldn't tell by the content itself.


so let me get this straight, you yell at somebody's child and you except them to treat you with respect? there is nothing racist about it, i would've done the same thing exactly.

a child is still a child and sometimes you gotta tolerate them and look the other way.

especially for something *** as "getting in your way"!

oh yeah, so you think it's racist that a mother told you not to yell at her child, but it's okay to draw all Muslims with the same brush? interesting..


You can't possibly be serious, get some therapy and medication! You yell at someone's child, they don't appreciate it, and they're suddenly "racist"?

And by the way, yes, she could've been on break for 15 minutes because in this country that is a standard break time. See now, THAT was racist!


You got caught stealing how is that racist? Any normal person no matter their race or ethnicity would' never put an item in their purse that they have not yet paid or.

Next time pay for something before you put it in your purse. If not the store has every right to assume you're trying to steal the item and thats why it's in your purse.

This was not racism just completely stupidity on your part. Way to go ***.